Our Services

The Art of shaping the Future(s) has been our Passion for the past 25 years!

Working directly with Purpose-driven people, teams and multi-stakeholders groups (Students, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, CEO's and their teams), we design and facilitate transformative conversations and sessions that generate the "Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action" needed to 

  • challenge old limitations and escape the repetition of the Same Old Solutions (S.O.S) within the Same Obsolete Paradigm
  • broaden their perspectives 
  • unlock their Imagination 
  • think into the Future with expanded perspectives, bold Thinking and Serious Creativity
  • and make transformative meaning-making stories of the Future visible, desirable and actionable.

Our sessions provide the space needed to adopt and practice the Shapership "Altitude Attitude": Radical Authenticity, Creative Imagination and Unconventional Wisdom.

All along our collaboration with our clients, we draw on the purpose-led approach we have developed, which is inspired and supported by State-of-the-Art methods we master: Serious Creativity, Lateral Thinking, Strategic and Scenario Thinking, Prospective, Regenerative approaches, Blue Economy, Cognitive Psychology, Systems Thinking, MIT Transformation Theory U and Narrative Therapy.

We have associated Wisdom, Humour, Academia, Neuroscience, Creative lenses, Jazz, extensive Know Hows, Unorthodox Approaches and Passion to create a one-of-a-kind consultancy committed to help clients build their Creative Agency, i.e. their capacity to imagine new Futures, filled with new meaning and continuous purposeful Creativity, in tune with their Aspirations and the imperatives of our times. 

Everything we do drives towards the same goal: to help you invest in the Future in rich and meaningful ways (full of ideas, dreams, beauty, aspirations) so that, in return, this Future can lead you to a present full of possibilities and create Desire: we call it the "Erotica" of the Future, the "next appeal" if you will, as opposed to the "Nostalgia of the Future" - a "poetic awareness of a Future which is forever gone".

Let the Future you imagine be the promise of a more beautiful world and your strategic Guide. Starting Today.

The Shapership Services

Shapership takes several shapes, all linked by a shared state of minds to help you widen your perspectives and open radically new, desirable paths to the Future.
Here are 6 different ways to discover and live it, with various intensity. 

Strategic Futuring

Transformative visions and strategies

Making sense of a Landscape of change, exploring unknown Futures, navigating uncertainties, adopting wide angle and long term Perspectives on Future possibilities and Innovation to actively shape your Future

Creative Imagination

Think Big and Free

Empowering transformative Visions, Dreams and Utopias and turning them into a strategy

Transformative Facilitation

Collaborative conversations about the Future

Working in groups and/or communities to sense and tackle important issues of our time and create Transformative Innovation - demonstrating competence in practice.

"Jamming Together"

Jazz and the Art of Collaboration

A workshop based on a powerful metaphor to switch from "silos" to "combos", from "Command and Control" to "Focus and Freedom" and create Creative Collective Intelligence 


New insights for Foresight

 Exploring various Perspectives on the Future and opening space for Transformative Innovation 

From Roadmapping to Broadmapping

Reframing " Mental Maps" to Shape the Landscape

An individual and group narrative coaching ignited by a powerful Metaphor and Game which offers new points of view to shape the Future everyday

Our Practices allow anyone to consciously make the three necessary shifts to give life to Shapership

  1. a shift in Thinking; moving from Linear and Analytical Thinking, centred on Ego, to Complex and Creative Thinking, organized on real Eco-system issues
  1. a shift in Intentions: moving from the Desire to preserve the Past to the Desire to shape the Future and to make a difference
  1. a shift in Emotions: moving from the Fear and Despair to Hope, Desire and Hope