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Shapership in practice

Discover Shapership through practice

The Art of shaping the Future(s) is our Passion!

We help people, teams, organisations and "Communities of work" to challenge old limitations, explore new possibilities, reconsider everything they know, and make transformative meaning-making stories of the Future visible, desirable and actionable. 

All along our collaboration with clients, we draw on the purpose-led methodology we have developed for Shapership, which is inspired and supported by State-of-the-Art methods and "lenses": Creative Thinking, Strategic and Scenario Thinking, Cognitive Psychology, Systems Thinking, MIT Transformation Theory U and Narrative Therapy. 

We have brought together Wisdom, Humour, Academia, Neuroscience, Creative lenses, Jazz, extensive Know Hows, Unorthodox Approaches and Passion to create a one-of-a-kind consultancy committed to help clients build their Creative Agency, i.e. their capacity to open new Futures, filled with new meaning and continuous purposeful Creativity, in tune with their Aspirations and the imperatives of our times. 

Working directly with Purpose-driven people (Students, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, CEO's and their teams), we have transformative conversations and sessions that generate "Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action", broaden their perspectives, unlock their Imagination, help they move from EGO to ECO and DO GOOD for the world. 

Shapership takes several shapes, all linked by a shared state of minds to help you widen your perspectives and open radically new, desirable path to the Future. 

Here are 6 different ways to discover and live it, with various intensity. 

Strategic and Transformative Consulting

Making sense of a Landscape of change and navigating uncertainties with new Perspectives on Future possibilities and Innovation

From Roadmapping to Broadmapping

Reframing " Mental Maps" to Shape the Landscape: an individual and group narrative coaching approach ignited by a powerful Metaphor and Game

Compact and customised guided rehearsals of your Future

3 hours to open radically new paths

The Shapership Academi

A unique Transformation and Education Initiative designed for purpose-driven Citizens (Students, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, CEO's) who, rather than correcting the Past or improving the Present, aspire to create a radically different and desirable Future for themselves, their families and communities

"Jamming Together": Jazz and the Art of Collaboration

A powerful metaphor of Creative Collective Intelligence

Lectures on Anticipation

Enlarging Perspectives on the Future and getting to "Transformative Innovation"