When mental Maps shape the Landscape

What if we could change our mental maps so we could change the way we shape the world?

Viable and exciting Futures depend on our ability to escape from today's paradigms and transform our mental maps.

Shapership is the Art of shaping the Future.

It is changing HOW and WHAT we think to make radically different Futures visible, desirable and actionable.

Shapership is a concept we invented in 2014, a book we wrote and a set of practices we developed for those who aspire to open up radically new paths towards the Future, within their family, communities, organizations, or field of activity.

Ultimately, Shapership stands for building the Future on Imagination, Desire, Hope and Radical Wisdom, to resist Stupidity, Fear, Despair and Violence

Our Services 

The art of shaping the Future(s) has been our passion for the past 25 years. 

We design and facilitate transformative conversations and sessions to help purpose -driven people and teams

  • to escape the repetition of the Same Old Solutions (S.O.S) within the Same Obsolete Paradigm
  • to think into the Future with radical Imagination, expanded perspectives, bold Thinking and Serious Creativity
  • to let "the Future they imagine" create Desire - what we call the "Erotica of the Future" - and guide their strategic choices. Starting today.

We also have created the Shapership Academi (I for imagination)

A place to learn the Art of Shaping the Future, individually and/or collectively. This Mind shifting initiative is designed for purpose-driven Citizens who want to sharpen their skills, transform what they think and how they think and learn in practice the vital 21st century Mindsets needed to make a wise move: from MAD Land (leading to Massive Assured Destruction) to NO-MAD Land(leading to Mutually Assured Development). 

The Team: Eye (H)Openers

Aline Frankfort and Jean-Louis Baudoin

We are unorthodox but you get results.

Our clients appreciate our unique capacity to create "Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action".

We have associated Wisdom, Humor, Academia, Creative lenses, Jazz, extensive Know Hows and Passion to create a one-of-a-kind consultancy committed to support people and communities to think Big, radical, and open up new Futures, in tune with their Aspirations and the imperatives of our times.

Let "the Future they imagine" create Desire - what we call the "Erotica of the Future" - and guide their strategic choices. Starting today.

Additional insights about Shapership 

Reading the Book, our blog, listening to our conferences and podcasts

A word from Michel Bauwens

Founder of the Peer to Peer Foundation, Author, Researcher
One of the most influential personalities of the 21st Century and Godfather of the Shapership Academi

To survive the chaotic transition period we are traversing, moving from caterpillar to butterfly stage, we have to change collectively, as local, national and planetary citizens; we have to change relationally, learning to cooperate cosmo-locally; and we have to change individually, as we move from ego to eco. We are not fully born with these skills, we learn them, and to learn them, we need skilled mentors and facilitators, who have an understanding of all these levels at the same time.

These people are rare, but you will find them in the amazing people of Shapership. Look no further to find peers in this journey.

Shapership is an invaluable commons of capabilities and experiences.

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