The Art of Shaping the Future

Rather than building the Future on Fear, Despair or violence, Shapership stands for building it on Hope, Imagination and Radical Wisdom

It stands for "more Imagination, more Courage, more Freedom to create a NO-MAD world.

We, the Founders of Shapership, help people and "Communities of work" to make alternative and transformative stories of the Future visible, desirable and actionable.

We are unorthodox but we get results. 

Having gained extensive experience with leading companies, we wrote a book and invented the concept of "Shapership" to work directly with Purpose-driven citizens who, instead of focusing on repairing or "fixing" a dying MAD Land, aspire to put their Imagination, Courage, Soul, Wisdom, Creativity and Passion at work to shape a radically different Future for themselves, their families and communities.

What does "Shapership" mean?

Shapership is the Art of shaping the Future

Above all, Shapership is a way to "look" at the world, completely aware that "the eye only sees what the brain is ready to understand", thus that we have the power and freedom to change our "Reality".

Our maps are not the landscape, but they define how we shape the landscape.

If we change the stories that shape our life, we change the way we shape the world. 

Shapership is a new concept we invented and wrote a book about to open "windows" in the Minds.

The word associates

  • "Shaping" (as in "shaping a diamond")
  • and "Ship" (meaning "a skill", as "craftsmanship" means a skill in a particular craft)

Shapership is the Art of shaping new Realities, opening up new paths to the Future and transforming Society for the better. It is the Art of making alternative and meaningful Futures visible, desirable and actionable,

It is an ability that every person, anywhere in the world, possesses from the moment they face Reality in fresh, creative, visionary and sometimes revolutionary ways,

  • with a clear acknowledgment of "what is" and needs to be challenged
  • with a Transformative Vision of "what could be" which opens new possibilities
  • associated with perfectly connected and aligned transformative innovations and visionary initiatives to make the "Transition" path visible and actionable

Shapership stands for "more Imagination and more Freedom to make radically different and meaningful Futures emerge, in tune with the highest human Hopes and aspirations

What can Shapership bring you?

The "Altitude Attitude"

Zoom on NO MAD Land
Zoom on NO MAD Land

Shapership can help you become an "I Opener", an "Eye Opener" , an "Eye Hopener" and a "High Hopener", able

  • to think BIG and radically DIFFERENT
  • to consciously try new points of views to transform the way you see the world and your place in it
  • to put your Imagination, Inspirations and Aspirations at the service of your Life and Life in general!

An attitude of Radical Authenticity, Creative Imagination and Unconventional Wisdom which leads to challenge and escape the prison of "representations", to see things with fresh eyes, to make meaningful and desirable stories of the Future Visible and actionable.

Instead of trying to "solve" current problems within the same paradigm, Shapership offers a set of Mindsets and practices to move from a MAD world (leading to Massive Assured Destruction) to a NO-MAD world. Not by correcting the Past but by inventing new meaning-making stories based on totally different worldviews. The Shapership attitude is inspired by the great scientist Buckminster Fuller who said:

You never change things by fighting the existing Reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete

Shapership answers the vital need to move from "Apocalypse Now" to "No Apocalypse, Not Now": from the "Nostalgia" to the "Erotica" of the Future

The world out there seems to going crazy. 

What are we looking at? A world is collapsing while another is emerging right before our eyes. It is similar to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a Butterfly: the breakdown of an existing voracious civilization and the simultaneous potential birth of a new viable civilization for the Future.

We are living not in an era of Change, but in a change of EraJan Rotmans, professor of transition studies and sustainability

What is happening in the world today is the collapse of the caterpillar.
Confronted with all that, we can look at the situation in two very different ways: 

  • Either "Apocalypse Now": some of the caterpillar cell's, seeing things falling, apart and enter a state of panic (many cells actually commit suicide). For them, this chaotic soup seems to be "Apocalypse now", the end of the world’’. 
  • Or "Butterfly Thinking" : we adopt the perspective of the "imaginal cells". Those cells, which are always there, are not panicking at all. They have a different Vision of the Future. In the midst of this falling apart of their "civilization", they see that a more beautiful world is possible. Despite the fact that the caterpillar's immune system, locked into its survival logic, mistakes them for enemies and uses vital energy to try to destroy them, these Imaginal cells are the ones who create the Butterfly.

"Be careful about the Present you create because it must look like the Future you dream of." 

Proverb from a Collective of Bolivian women

The meaning of our life and the decisions we make TODAY depends on the Future we imagine

We create Stories and stories shape our lives. 

They define the meaning we give to our experiences, our sense of identity, what we believe is possible or impossible and the Future we imagine - thus our priorities, the decisions and actions we make TODAY. 

In other words, the Future is NOW!

Part of the population and many young people - is living "Apocalypse now". Without the capacity to imagine a new story, they are desperate, dominated by the old story that repeats itself eternally. They have the "Nostalgia" of the Future: a "poetic awareness of a Future which is forever gone"!

But, from the same population, some "imaginal" people are emerging and more might come up with new ideas, new visions for the Future of this civilisation and new ways to escape the dying system. Because there is something so much better on the Horizon. It is not the end at all.

Rather than focusing on the caterpillar, the voracious organism that is dying, we can put our energy into the Butterfly

"NOW" is a moment in time for each of us, whether in Business and/or Life, to raise good questions and make wise decisions. We have a fundamental choice to make: Preserve a M.A.D. world based on Mutually Assured Destruction or invent and move to a NO-M.A.D World, grounded on Mutually Assisted Development.

Is it possible that we try to create the Future starting from obsolete maps? In other words, from imaginary worlds which lack Imagination?

Building the Future on Desire and Imagination rather than on Fear or Despair 

We are currently going through an immense crisis of Imagination.

As Jonathan Crary describes in "Capitalism 24/7", an entire generation and in fact the entire world, have lost their capacity to dream.
In an era where a word unpolluted by Bullshit comes as a surprise, we need to recognise that our inability to imagine a Future that is different from the Present is catastrophic! It leads to Fear, Despair, Cynicism, even to Violence and to the endless Repetition of the S.O.S - Same Old (short-term) Solutions (the official version being Same Old Shit)- which pretend to solve problems using the same old obsolete paradigm. The kind of attitude that leads the ostrich to bury its head in the sand!

This period, within itself, carries as many dangers as genuine opportunities and we are all facing a polarisation in our everyday Life

Zoom on MAD land
Zoom on MAD land

Either, we remain prisoners of Regression forces, 

Fear, Egos, Lack of Imagination, Despair, Fatalism and a craving for Certainty - which supersede the desire to move forward and generate the risk of our going back to "more of the same", Autoritarism, Polarisations and Exclusions

Zoom on NO MAD Land
Zoom on NO MAD Land

or we are guided by Opening forces we carry within ourselves

such as Courage, Hope, Creative Energy, Imagination, which may drive us to shape a different, desirable and viable Future

The key rests in the way we look at the world, in other words, in our capacity to "Map our Mental Maps" and the landscapes they allow us to see. 

Without Imagination, we remain stuck in the dominant worldviews: the story of Scarcity, Separation, Competition, Efficiency, Infinite Growth, Power over others, etc. 

We need alternative "Meaning-Making stories" of the Future that resonate with our deepest Aspirations and provide actionable guides to a viable Human Future. Narratives able to generate a passionate desire for the Future.

Without that new story, Hope vanishes 

Shapership stands for "more Imagination, more Courage and more Freedom" to create the Next Appeal: the "Erotica" of the Future

Zoom on NO MAD Land
Zoom on NO MAD Land

Because our wisest decisions are made from Choice, Desire and Hope rather than from Obligation, Fear and despair.

Because Thinking is resisting and escaping everything that maintains us in our "prisons" or in the cave of our representations: Denial, Ignorance, Dogmatism, Conformism, Fatalism and blind Rationalism.

Because putting Imagination at work is resisting the Repetition of the Past, Hopelessness, Fear and Cynicism.

It is opening the "possibility of new possibilities".

Shapership is for you if instead of focusing on repairing or "fixing" a dying MAD Land, you aspire to boost your Imagination, develop the Mindsets of the Future and actively shape a viable and desirable NO MAD Future within your family, your communities, your organizations, your "territories" or your field of practice.

A radically different Meaning-making story of the Future, based on genuinely different worldviews, in tune with your deepest Aspirations and Hopes.-

How can you make it happen for you?

Thanks to the "Art of Re-perception": changing your Maps so you can change your Landscape.

The "Art of Shaping the Future" is about the Power and the Freedom to change the stories that shape our lives, so we can change the way we shape the world.

If your aspiration calls you to shape a radically different Future for yourself and those around you, that is possible through to a series of Shifts in Thinking and Perspectives. It means changing how you think and what you think. It means adopting vanguard lenses and paradigm shifting visions, allowing for a creative reconstruction of what you commonly accept as the "Reality".

Anyone who deeply aspire to create a new story of the Future based on different worldviews, needs to be ready to cross the threshold from the tamed territories of the "Reasonable", the "taken for granted", "conventional wisdom" and the "Known" to the untamed territories of a "new Imaginary" and "unconventional wisdom".

At its core, the Shapership Attitude suggests to "make the Future the cause of the Present". It demands to cultivate deliberately the Awareness of the "Future in the Now", the sense of Hope and Purpose in what you are doing.

The key rests in the way you look at the world, in other words, in your capacity to "Map our Mental Maps" and the landscapes they let you see.

We can guide you to put the Shapership attitude into practice. Everyday. Based on 3 leverages, it allows to think Big and to disrupt a system with a Purpose

By consciously being aware and choosing the way you look at "Reality", by adopting the Altitude Attitude, you can form new perceptions. You can make wiser choices and live a Life richer in possibilities.

Discover Shapership through practice: our Activities

The Art of shaping the Future(s) is our Passion. Here are 6 different ways to discover and live it, with various intensity. The seventh being reading the Book. 

Strategic and Transformative Consulting

Making sense of a Landscape of change and navigating uncertainties with new Perspectives

From Roadmapping to Broadmapping

Reframing " Mental Maps" to Shape the Landscape: an individual and group narrative coaching approach ignited by a powerful Metaphor and Game

Compact and customised guided rehearsals of your Future

3 hours to open radically new paths

The Shapership Academi

Alternatives + Creativity + Aspirations + Disruptions + Education + Movements + Imagination

A Unique Transformation and Education Initiative designed for purpose-driven Citizens who aspire to boost their imagination and learn the Art of Shaping the Future

"Jamming Together": Jazz and the Art of Collaboration

A powerful metaphor of Creative Collective Intelligence

Lectures on Anticipation

Enlarging Perspectives on the Future and getting to "Transformative Innovation"