The Art of Shaping the Future

Shapership is an attitude aiming at building the Future on Imagination, Desire, Hope and Radical Wisdom, to resist Stupidity, Fear, Despair and Violence

We help people, teams, organisations and "Communities of work" to face their challenges and think into the Future with the radical Imagination, bold Thinking and Creativity needed to shape a completely different and desirable Future in a new paradigm.

As a result, they design new narratives of the Future that resonate with their deepest Aspirations and provide actionable guides to a viable Human Future.
Our dream is to see as many people as possible invest in the Future in rich and meaningful ways (full of ideas, dreams, beauty, desire, aspirations and hopes) to escape the "Nostalgia of the Future" - a "poetic awareness of a Future which is forever gone" - and to live the "Erotica" of the Future. An "erotic" attraction for the Future.

"Be careful about the Present you create because it must look like the Future you dream of."

Proverb from a Collective of Women in Bolivia

We are living not in an era of Change, but in a change of Era, 

Jan Rotmans, professor of transition studies and sustainability

It's "Now" o-clock!

"NOW" is a moment in time for each of us, whether in Business and/or Life, to raise good questions and make wise decisions. We need to decide what kind of Future we want and act as if our lives depended on it. Because they do. .

The old world is collapsing while another one is emerging right before our eyes. It is similar to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a Butterfly: the breakdown of an existing voracious civilization and the simultaneous potential birth of a new viable civilization for the Future.

Shapership is the Art of Shaping the Future. 
Shapership is a Utopia in action, inspired by the great scientist Buckminster Fuller who said:
You never change things by fighting the existing Reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete
Shapership answers the Butterfly Imperative: Instead of trying to "solve" current problems within the same paradigm, Shapership offers a set of Mindsets, Methods and practices to move from MAD world - leading to Massive Assured Destruction to a NO-MAD world - to a viable and desirable NO MAD Land (based on Mutually Assured Development)

What can Shapership bring you?

The Altitude Attitude: Radical thinking and imagination that aim to have a transformative impact on Reality. 

Shapership can help you become an "I Opener", an "Eye Opener" , an "Eye Hopener" and a "High Hopener", able

  • to think BIG and radically DIFFERENT
  • to consciously try new points of views to transform the way you see the world and your place in it
  • to put your Imagination, Inspirations and Aspirations at the service of your Life and Life in general!

As a Utopia in action, shapership allows to make transformative meaning-making stories of the Future visible, desirable and actionable.

It can bring you the capacity to reshape your maps so you can change the landscape. 

The key rests in the way we look at the world. Because the question is not "about the Future", it is how we THINK about the Future

All the strategic conversations and sessions we design and facilitate transformative help anyone adopt and practice the Shapership "Altitude Attitude": facing Reality "as it is" and "as it could be " in creative, visionary and sometimes revolutionary ways, with Radical Authenticity, Creative Imagination and Unconventional Wisdom.

This leads to challenge and escape the prison of "representations", to see things with fresh eyes, to make meaningful and desirable stories of the Future Visible and actionable.

The shapership concepts and practices are dedicated to Purpose-driven citizens and communities who, instead of focusing on repairing or "fixing" a dying MAD Land, want to shape a radically different Future for themselves, their families and communities. 

Who is behind the Concept?

Us! Aline and Jean-Louis, are the Founders of Shapership. We are a known "Hot Shop" in Creative Thinking and Strategic Innovation. We are unorthodox but we get results. We are appreciated for our capacity to create "Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action" and help the people we collaborate with broaden their perspectives, unlock their Imagination and open doors for new possibilities.

After 20 + years of extensive experience with leading companies and organisations, we invented the concept of "Shapership", wrote a book, assembled our know how, created new activities and give birth to the Shapership Academi. a place to learn the Art of Shaping the Future

Aline Frankfort 

Eye (H)opener

Provocative Creative and Strategic Thinker, Narrative Practionner, passionated by Imagination and Utopia, Aline is dedicated to open radically new and meaningful paths to a desirable future that can change the Present. 

She helps people and teams reframe their mental maps, reinvent themselves and actively Shape their Futures.

 What she is best at: helping her clients to develop the vital Art of re-perception and grow their Creative Agency, i.e SEE and THINK differently, with continuous purposeful Creativity and Meaning-making to see things with fresh eyes explore the unknown with imagination, navigate uncertainty with pleasure ans open magical doors to Future Possibilities.

Jean-Louis Baudoin

I Opener and High Hopener

As a "Life Raiser" and Fun Raiser",  Jean-Louis embodies Serious Creativity. He loves opening new Perceptions and Possibilities, convinced that they can lead us to realise a concrete Utopia: new attitudes, new relations, new behaviors. Brotherhood and Sisterhood in Harmony. 

What he is best at: attentively provoking movement and helping people to get out of their limits,  see things with Altitude and lightness, open doors to the future as well as inventing powerful concepts and names. By the way, he is the inventor of the Concept of Shapership.

Putting Shapership into practice: our activities

The Art of shaping the Future(s) is our Passion.
We can guide you to put the Shapership attitude into practice. Everyday.
By consciously being aware and choosing the way you look at "Reality", by adopting the Altitude Attitude, you can form new perceptions. You can make wiser choices and live a Life richer in possibilities.
There are 6 different ways to discover and live it, with various intensity. The seventh being reading the Book, our blog, listening to our conferences and podcatst. 

Our Practices allow anyone to consciously make the three necessary shifts to give life to Shapership

  1. a shift in Thinking; moving from Linear and Analytical Thinking, centred on Ego, to Complex and Creative Thinking, organized on real Eco-system issues
  2. a shift in Intentions: moving from the Desire to preserve the Past to the Desire to shape the Future and to make a difference
  3. a shift in Emotions: moving from the Fear and Despair to Hope, Desire and Hope