Aline Frankfort
Aline Frankfort

Eye (H)opener 

Aline Frankfort 

Provocative Creative and Strategic Thinker, Narrative Practionner, passionated by Imagination and Utopia, Artist, consultant, author, invited professor, TEDx Speaker, dyslexic enjoying to put the world upside down, inspired by her spiritual practices, Full Member of the Club of Rome, working for a better world, Aline is dedicated to open radically new and meaningful paths to a desirable future that can change the Present.

She helps people and teams reframe their mental maps, reinvent themselves and actively Shape their Futures.

Her passion since she was a child: make the Future the Cause of the Present.

She is recognized for her conceptual, creative and strategic Thinking abilities as well as her capacity to provoke "Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action".

In 1992, she founds Creative ConsulTeam, a creative and Strategic Innovation hot shop. 

She designs and facilitates non-linear, inclusive, dialogue-based strategic exploration processes conceived to engage and motivate individuals and groups of all sizes and types to make deep changes in the ways they see and think. Instead of leaving them trapped by their assumptions and thinking habits, these Shifts in Minds enable teams to actively Shape their Future by allowing them to accomplish 4 movements

  1. to see and decode a World - which is largely unknown - with new lenses
  2. to sense new opportunities and emerging needs
  3. to seize them creatively and develop a Vision for the Future
  4. to shape reality in new ways

What she is best at: helping her clients to develop the vital Art of re-perception and grow their Creative Agency, i.e their capacity to live with continuous purposeful Creativity and Meaning-making, to see things with fresh eyes, to explore the unknown with imagination, navigate uncertainty with pleasure and open magical doors to Future Possibilities.

Personal convictionThe Future we imagine is the cause of the Present.

Life Long Education (the most important being Life)

  • Graduated in Law (Free university Brussels) and Drawing (La Cambre),  
  • Accredited in 1993 by Edward dr Bono, one of the world's highest Authority on "Serious Creativity"®, as expert in the practice and teaching of the "Six Thinking Hats®" and "Lateral Thinking®". After her certification, she travels with Bono to South Africa and Hong Kong to co-lead seminars on "Serious Creativity in Management" and "Sur/Petition®".
  • Certified in 1997 by Transformance in "Coaching and Team Building
  • Trained at MIT Sloan School of management to "Theory U: Transformational Leadership and Deep Change" in 2003 by Otto Sharmer, Adam Kahane and Peter Senge
  • Strategy and Innovation, Strategic thinking, Scenario Thinking:  she holds 4 Executive Certificates from the M.I.T Sloan School of Management and she was certified at Oxford said Business School in "Strategic Planning and Strategic reframing")
  • Design Thinking: design driven Innovation, Business Model Innovation (she is among the Co-authors of the book "Business Model Generation), storytelling
  • Blue Economy as developed by Gunter Pauli
  • Narrative Inquiry and Therapy (as developed by Michael White and David Epston): she is certified practicioner 

Academic activities

  • Lecturer on "Performance Management" at the Solvay Business School in Brussels
    (IACE & IADE modules) between 1992 and 2001
  • invited Lecturer on "Serious Creativity" at ULB's Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • Invited Professor of Creativity and Innovation at the UCL (Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve)
Jean-Louis Baudoin
Jean-Louis Baudoin

I Opener and High Hopener


As a "Life Raiser" and Fun Raiser", Jean-Louis embodies Serious Creativity. He loves opening new Perceptions and Possibilities, convinced that they can lead us to realise a concrete Utopia: new attitudes, new relations, new behaviors. Brotherhood and Sisterhood in Harmony.

He helps people boost their creative Mindsets and skillsets to live a lmife richer in possibilities and meaning. 

Among his passions: opening new Perceptions and Possibilities, developing creative concepts and names. By the way, he is the inventor of the Concept of Shapership

His other passion: he is a confirmed Jazz Musician (double bass), and has played with people like Toots Thielemans, Nathalie Loriers, Jean-François Prins, Eric Legnini and Félix Simtaine. Using his talents and the Jazz Combo Metaphor, he conveys the Art of Collaboration in a workshop.

He embodies an original, diversified and creative life and is recognized for his openness, humor, creative genious, fantastic Storytelling abilities and sense of harmony - he has been "diagnosed" in a Thesis written at the University of Illinois as "the Third man", capable of building bridges between cultures.

After early exposure to foreign Cultures at age 17 (South Africa as Rotary Fellow and The United States the same year as American Field Service Exchange Student), he obtains a Doctorate in Law from Liège University and has then reinvented himself seven times: 

  • Manager of an international student travel program designed to enable Culture exchanges
  • Award-winning copywriter (Saatchi & Saatchi, Festival de Cannes)
  • Exceptional concepts and name-finder
  • Inventor of "In-Store"', a second-hand Contemporary high-class Design store
  • "Toqued" restaurant owner
  • Expert audiovisual scenario writer
  • Coach in persuasive Presentation Skills and Negotiation

Jean-Louis has joined forces with Aline in 1992. He brings his exceptional creative talents to the world as Creative and Strategic Thinking advisor, author, invited Professor, Lecturer

What he is best at: attentively provoking movement and helping people to get out of their limits, see things with Altitude and lightness, open doors to the future as well as inventing powerful concepts and names. 

Personal Dream: Contribute to making Love and Respect become Values accepted, shared and applied all over the world. 

Life Long Education

  • Oral and written persuasive Communication, High level Negotiation, Storytelling
  • Efficient and Creative Thinking. Accredited in 1993 by Edward dr Bono, as expert in the practice and teaching of the "Six Thinking Hats®" and "Lateral Thinking®".
  • Strategy and Innovation: Strategic Thinking, Scenario Thinking ( Executive Certificates from the M.I.T Sloan School of Management)

Academic activities

  • Lecturer on "Performance Management" at the Solvay Business School in Brussels
  • (IACE & IADE modules) between 1992 and 2001.
  • invited Professor on "Serious Creativity" at ULB's Solvay Business School since 2008