Our 3 Discovery workshops adapted to your needs

Change your maps, Change the World 

We all know that "the map is not the territory".

Our "mental maps" are not the landscape, but they define how we shape the landscape. 

Through our decisions and actions, each of us participates, at every moment of our lives, in creating visible territories.

To navigate in this changing world, we must each refresh and sometimes even change our mental maps. Especially if we want to have a positive impact, and create wealth in a new paradigm.

The key is the way we look at the world.

In this workshop, we will help you increase your creative power: the ability and freedom to change your mental maps to create your Future in a new Paradigm

  1. Consciously look at your glasses: see how you see things, "Map your Mental Maps" and the landscapes they allow you to see.

  2. Clean your glasses: remember that you are always free to change your view point, for instance to consider as untrue what was true yesterday

  3. Even better, remove your glasses and try new ones: grow your capacities to consciously try new Perspectives, escape Conventional Wisdom, think beyond the usual, deliberately instill the sense of Hope and Purpose in everything you do.

This is the core of Shapership, the Art of Shaping the Future.

Serious Creativity at work

Escape Routine patterns and create new ways forward 

Schools kill 2/3 of creativity. Universities sterilizes the rest. Edward de Bono

Our occidental Education system has formatted us to Linear Thinking and analytical tools that are only useful to solve linear problems, to recognize the known and to repeat standard answers - the ones we call the S.O.S (same old solutions) within the same obsolete paradigm.

Our Thinking habits are too judgment-based and not enough Design-based. Our current thinking is dominated by critical and adversarial Thinking, resulting in too long, non-productive discussions and meetings, dominated by "Ego battles" with the purpose to "defend" the truth and "defeat" the opponent rather than to challenge a prioris and explore new possibilities

But there is a problem.

To shape the Future for the best, it is vital to move away from just recognizing standard situations and provide standard answers that are only useful to correct or maintain the status quo. We also need to move beyond the so called disruptive solutions which may indeed be more "efficient" but do not fundamentally challenge the values and goals that are becoming more and more unsustainable.

We need to think out of the Box. Which in many cases, means "out of our mental highways" and "out of the Paradigm".

All of us - students, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, politicians, etc. - need to become "Designers" and "Shapers of Future Context".

We need to become Thoughtful and Mindful people who have the courage and the capacity to see things differently and to creatively reinvent our approaches instead of just "rearranging the furniture in the same room".

We need to think BIG and Different.

We need unconventional wisdom, radical thinking, and the vital disciplines of Efficient and Creative Thinking, indispensable for Human beings to master their Destiny in the face of automation, Artificial Intelligence and other issues of our times

It is our capacity to be truly creative that can enable us to invent activities, approaches, Business Models and concepts which make the pertinent difference in terms of Value Creation.

Visionary ideas and concepts are the real "difference makers". 

In this fast paced workshop, you will discover and practice the Serious Creativity, the type of efficient and Creative Thinking which is so much needed. 

This theoretical and practical workshop aims to boost everyone's ability to be creative, to think and see differently 

  • with enlarged perspectives 
  • without immediately falling into the trap of criticism that makes things "impossible". 
  • while escaping routine patterns and thinking highways 
  • discovering the joy of conceptual Thinking which gives the ability to navigate between Vision to action 

It offers access to one of the world's most powerful creative thinking methods for breaking away from "standard" answers and creating something new: the "Six Thinking Hats" ® by Edward de Bono, inventor of "lateral thinking", Doctor of Medicine and Psychology, recognized as the world's leading authority on effective thinking and "serious creativity. 

Based on the way the brain works, this method is simple, powerful, efficient and immediately applicable. It allows you, alone or in a group, to deal with issues in a systematic, constructive and creative way. It helps to focus sharply, see beyond the obvious, end "territorial" battles, replaces adversarial Thinking by "Parallel Thinking" ® creates a common language, reduces meeting time by up to 50% and increases their Productivity manifolds