The Shapership Academi

A transformative Experience Initiative offering the opportunity to learn a vital 21st century Competency:

"Shapership": the Art of Shaping the Future,

i.e. making alternative and meaningful Futures visible, desirable and actionable.

Learn how to change the stories that shape your life, so you can change the way you shape the world

The Shapership Academi is designed for purpose-driven people of all ages and professions who, rather than correcting the Past, aspire to open new paths towards a Future in tune with their deepest Aspirations and Hopes.

ACADEMI stands for Alternatives + Creativity + Aspirations + Desire + Education + Movements + Imagination

How? The "GO from EGO to ECO" process. 

Five 2-day interactive and co-creative workshops (10 days total over a period of 5 months) limited to 12 participants, crafted to ignite Imagination, Freedom, Hope, Pride, Dignity.

This Transformative Experience is crafted to enable the participants to think big and different about the way you they the world and want to contribute to its Transformation.

It offers a unique space of radical Imagination and free Thinking to sharpen your skills and learn in practice the vital Mindsets and skillsets of the Future.

Each workshop" is a "Rehearsal of the Future"; offering each person opportunities to

  • safely transform what and how they think
  • shift their Perspectives
  • and deliberately reframe their "mental maps" so they can change the way they shape the world.

The curriculum is based on the principles developed in our book "Shapership" and on our extensive practice

The Shapership Academi stands for more Imagination, more freedom, more Hope

Ultimately, it stands for building the Future on Imagination, Desire, and Radical Wisdom,
rather than building it on Fear, Despair or Violence.

Why? How? What? 

WHY the Academi?

To answer the vital need to move from Apocalypse Now" to "No Apocalypse, Not Now": a radically different Future

We can see what is happening in our world today as an opportunity: it is similar to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a Butterfly: from a voracious destructive civilization breaking down to the potential birth of a new viable civilization for the Future.

Instead of focusing on a dying MAD world, each of us can actively participate in envisioning, prototyping and shaping a viable and desirable NO MAD Land: a radically different Future that resonates with our deepest Aspirations, Hopes and generates an "erotic" attraction.

The key rests in the way we look at the world, in other words, in our capacity to "Map our Mental Maps" and the landscapes they allow us to see.

Without Imagination, we are stuck in the dominant worldviews: the story of Scarcity, Separation, Competition, Efficiency, Infinite Growth, Power over others, etc.

We need alternative stories of the Future that resonate with our deepest Aspirations and provide actionable guides to a viable Human Future. Narratives able to generate an "erotic" attraction for the Future.

The Shapership Academi answers the Butterfly Imperative: unlocking Creative Thinking, Imagination and making the Future the Cause of the Present. It allows to overcome Fear, Despair or short- termism and to create the "Erotica" of the Future, what we call "the Next Appeal" ! 

HOW we teach and learn?

By shifting from "Learning as Usual" to "Learning as Unusual".

A radically different approach to Education (Exducere = to lead outside the beaten paths), focused on Imagination, Emergent Learning, Paradigm shifts, the update of the basic beliefs and values that guide our actions and how we make sense of our world , transforming what we think and how we think, engaging the whole person (Body, Heart and Soul), connecting global and personal challenges, essentially drawing on our innate capacity to act according to our deepest Aspirations and Hopes.

The Shapership Academi answers the Paradigm Shift Imperative

A non-academic curriculum, designed in a non-linear way. The program is a mix between Focus and Improvisation. The workshops are structured around a fluid sequence alternating between Action and Vision, i.e. experimentation, reflection , conceptualization and meaning-making.

The Learning experience seeks to ignite Imagination, Freedom, Hope, Pride, Dignity in all those who participate.

The Mayonnaise metaphor

Like a mayonnaise is the combination of various elements which generates more Value than the sum of the parts, the Academi generates a specific mayonnaise effect. The program is the careful articulation of five workshops, each of them being an association of Methods, Lenses, Metaphors and Tools, which reinforce each other to make "The Art of shaping the Future" emerge as a whole "way of Being, Seeing and Acting"

WHAT is the process and programme?

A Process called "GO from EGO to ECO".

(From Ego to Eco Consciouness)

A Transformative Experience in 5 workshops designed to lead us to think big and radically different about the way we see the world and how we want to participate in its Transformation for ourselves, our communities and Society as a whole.

It is a way to become an "I Opener", an "Eye Opener", an "Eye Hopener" and a "High Opener".

How can you learn the Art of Shaping the Future? By rehearsing it !

Each workshops is a "Rehearsal of the Future" space: an opportunity for people to transform what they think and how they think, learning in the presence of others, individually and collectively making visible the taken for granted ideas as well as alternative stories of the Future they want in line with their Dreams, Hopes, Aspirations versus "fixing the problems".

The flow of the programme starts with an introductory workshop designed to acquire the Mindsets and Thinking abilities to become creative actors in the new Society. It focuses on the Art of THINKING all of us need, individually and collectively, to design innovative concepts and ideas that will make the "Pertinent Difference".

Then, each of the remaining 4 Modules is built to deep dive into specific aspects of Shapership and to build the Shapership "Altitude Attitude". An attitude of Radical Authenticity, Creative Imagination and Unconventional Wisdom which allows to escape from the prison of our "representations", to see things with fresh eyes, to challenge the status quo, to unlock Imagination to generate Life-affirming transformative approaches, attitudes and behaviors that give us Hope that a viable Future is possible.