Lectures on Anticipation

Opening the space for Transformative Innovation

Understanding various Perspectives on the Future and getting to Transformative Innovation 

A certain world is collapsing while another is emerging right before our eyes. Now is a key moment: the decisions we take are designed either to create the Future or to maintain the status, often using the same word: innovate.

Why innovate? 

You may feel that this question is totally irrelevant because, implicitly, there is a shared belief that Innovation generates a « new » that will be better than what currently exists.

The Paradigm is the Foe.

But, without broadened perspectives, we often remain prisoner from the existing paradigm in which all Innovation is 

  • either used to correct and maintain the ailing dominant system in place, a system which, in the name of the sacro-saint myth of Growth, has generated unparalleled levels of environmental, social and economic damages?
  • or limited to bring so-called disruptive answers, proposing solutions which may indeed be more "efficient" but which do not fundamentally challenge the values and goals that are becoming more and more unsustainable.

Can't we see that True Innovation is supposed to escape the current paradigm and lead to actively shape viable and exciting Futures in the long-term? 

Change the way we Think and the way we think together

It is only by broadening our perspectives and envisioning a radically different Future that we can opens up a space for a third form of innovation - transformative innovation - which are much more in tune with the changes happening in the world. Based on totally different Visions and values, they allow to consciously and intentionally shifts existing systems towards new patterns of activity suited to build viable Futures, bearer of Inspiration and Hope.

In other words, they allow to disrupt a system with a Purpose.

Discover a simple and intuitive Forecasting process to get to Transformative Innovations.

In a two hour conference, we will present you an approach which allows to open new strategic conversations, to structure the thinking about the Future, to trigger Innovation and to develop the ability to make "conscious" choices.

Of course, this approach will not enable you to "control" the Future but it will help you to imagine it and turn Uncertainty into an ally!

Thanks to a simple visual tool, you will discover

  • how to broaden your perspectives and develop a Transformative Vision in tune with the issues of our time
  • that the Future is already here
  • how to open up a space for Transformative innovations 
  • how to design a portfolio of innovation and visionary actions allowing you to navigate the transition, with a mature perspective that accepts the need to "keep the plane in the air whilst redesigning it"
  • take efficient Action as of tomorrow morning

Organization and Structure

You chose the participants, a date and the time, making sure of your availability during 2 hours 1/2 (For instance, welcome at 8:30 am, beginning at 9:00 am, Q&A at 10:15 am, end at 11:00 am).

You select a "space" to welcome everybody in a proper way.  

Language English or French

Fee 500 € which will be deducted in case further collaboration is established. 

We recommend a preparatory meeting prior to the actual breakfast in order to envisage optimal conditions for a successful event

We are looking forward to meeting you! Ask us for more information to organise a lecture