The Shapership Book

A minimum of Theory and a maximum of Shapers stories

The book is published in English (first Edition) and French (second edition) 


Why this new concept? Because we will not be able to solve 21st century issues with 20th (or older) ways of Thinking and Acting. Shapership can help us think more appropriately about the Future.Because we need to make a wise move: from MAD Land to NO-Mad Land. It is a secret for no one that our current world is going M.A.D: the way we live on this planet is leading us to Mutually Assured Destruction. The Shapership Attitude is a place of Hope, Wisdom, Imagination and Desire to build a NO-MAD World based on Mutually Assured DevelopmentBecause an increasing number of people aspire to change the world. They know our ways of living - and also to destroy Life - must make place for other ways to See, Think and Act instead of keeping conforming to obsolete models. The DNA of Shapership rests on the articulation of 3 elements which generate its transformative impact Creative Resistance (the big NO), Transformative Vision (the big YES) Anticipative Experimentation (the Creative HOW).Shapership is a concept we invented to open new "windows" in the Minds. It is the Art of shaping new Realities and opening up transformative paths into the Future(s).
The word associates "Shaping" (as in "shaping a diamond") and Leadership (meaning "leading an initiative").
Shapership is above all a way to look at the world "as it is" and "as it could be", with Radical Authenticity, Creative Imagination and Unconventional Wisdom.
Shapership is also based on a deep connection between Head, Heart and Hands.
It is neither Leadership, nor Entrepreneurship. It is a capacity anyone anywhere in the world possesses, based on a fundamental attitude and aptitude to "see" what is possible, beyond "what is".
The approach we introduce in this book can be an inspiration to anyone - regardless of origin, gender, color, educational level, status, domain of expertise, - to become a Shaper of the Future or to add certain dimensions of Shapership to their current existence.
The fact is, in today's interconnected world, you no longer have to hold a Leadership title to take a stand, do something important, and make an impact on society. 

A few comments on our book

Shapership is the most inspiring book I have ever been given to discovered! Stimulating and revealing, it gives the readers power over their lives and over their Future(s). To read and reread and share without moderation, Alessandro Cierro, 26 Young Inventor and entrepreneur

A book bubbling with Intelligence and incredibly stimulating, presenting the readers with the resources required to accomplish their dreams, even the "craziest"! I really adored reading it, Emmanuel Orban de Xivry, 62. Professor of Theology

An excellent book which reads easily and shows us how creative certain women and men can be! At last, a disruptive approach to Innovation! A source of Inspiration and of Reflexion. One of my three favorite books in 2018. A source of influence on my work in 2019, David Moussebois Conceptor of Digital Strategies

A number of Forces, conventional thoughts and habits combined with Logic and frustrations close the doors which would enable us to enter the concretization processes of our Future(s) and of our organizations, whether big or small. Shapership opens these doors and hands us a toolbox we can develop ourselves. A visionary and useful book!, Serge Goldwicht, 65. Artist

Shapership is a « must read" book. In these times of ecologic crisis doubled by a social crisis, what we can do is turn to Change. For that, we need Shapers, ready to say NO to what exists today and say YES to Change. In a way, Shapership is the Shaper's "code of Conduct", hence indispensable to anyone who wishes to bring Change in the world. Moreover, the book goes straight to the objective: no useless blah blah!, Nils Boulanger, 23. Student in Engineering

A book which is going to question the way you think and the way you see the world! It is written for all those who wish to retrieve their capacity to act and to create to generate tomorrow's world!, Sophie Remy, 36. Therapist