The Shapership Academi programmes 

Transformative Journeys into the Future(s) thanks to more Imagination, more Courage, more Freedom, more Hope, more Desire

The "GO from EGO to ECO" programmes

Our sessions are carefully articulated to "GO from EGO to ECO consciousness 

Each programme is a Transformative Experience, crafted to enable you to think big and radically differently about the way you see the world and how you want to contribute to its Transformation, for yourself, your communities and Society as a whole.  Thats Moving From EGO to ECO consciousness and perspectives. 

How can you learn the Art of shaping the Future? By rehearsing it!

That's why Each workshop" is a "Rehearsal of the Future"; offering you opportunities to

  • safely transform what and how you think
  • learn in the Presence of others
  • as well as reframe your mental maps

A unique Methodology.

Our workshops are live, interactive, co-creative - limited to 12 participants and we use a radically different approach to Education: "Learning as unusal". 

Four alternatives adapted to your needs

3 Discovery workshops and One Full programme

Change your Maps, change the World 

    Our "mental maps" are not the landscape, but they define the way each of us shapes it.              
    In this workshop, we will help you increase your Creative Agency: the ability and freedom to change your mental maps to create your Future in a new Paradigm

  • Collective discovery programme (limited to 12 participants)
  • Duration: 5 hours online 
  • Schedule: from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • for every body 
  • Investment: 140 € +VAT
Serious Creativity at work: Brain Detox to Think outside the Box
    To design innovative ways forward and shape our Future for the best, it is vital to move away from just recognising "known" situations and reproducing standard answers. 
    In this workshop, you will discover and practice the vital discipline of Efficient and Creative Thinking, indispensable for Human beings to master their Destiny in the face of automation, Artificial Intelligence and other issues of our times
  • Collective programme (limited to 12 participants)
  • Duration: 2 days (12 hours)
  • Schedule: from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm with a 1h Pause
  • Format: on line 
  • for Everybody 
  • investment: 500 € /+ VAT

Futuring is the next Strategy  

The question is not "about the Future", it is how we think about the Future to make key strategic decisions today. It demands new Maps to make meaning and navigate new Landscapes.

This training allows you will discover and practice Strategic Futuring, the alternative to traditional strategic processes based on analysis and linear thinking. Strategic Futuring helps teams reinvent their Business, their Strategies and also the way to build them in an unstable world.

It is the Art of Re-perception based on Foresight.

  • Collective Masterclass
  • Duration: 2 days (12 hours)
  • Schedule: from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm with a 1h Pause
  • Format: on line 
  • For Leaders and entrepreneurs 
  • investment: 1.250 +VAT

The Shapership Academi Full programme

 A transformative experience in five 2-day workshops

Five 2-day "Go workshops", following a process we have named the "GO from EGO to ECO".

This transformative experience is crafted to enable participants to think big and radically different about the way they see the world and how they want to participate in its Transformation.

It is a way to become an "I Opener", an "Eye Opener", an "Eye Hopener" and a "High Opener".

Each workshop" is a "Rehearsal of the Future". It offers opportunities for each person to safely transform what they think and how they think, shift their Perspectives, as well as deliberately reframe their "mental maps" so they can change the way they shape the world.

The flow of the programme starts with an introductory workshop designed to acquire the Mindsets and Thinking abilities to become creative actors in the new Society. It focuses on the Art of THINKING all of us need, individually and collectively, to design innovative concepts and ideas that will make the "Pertinent Difference".

Then, each of the remaining 4 Modules is built to deep dive into specific aspects of Shapership and to build the Shapership "Altitude Attitude". An attitude of Radical Authenticity, Creative Imagination and Unconventional Wisdom which allows to escape from the prison of our "representations", to see things with fresh eyes, to challenge the status quo, to unlock Imagination to generate Life-affirming transformative approaches, attitudes and behaviors that give us Hope that a viable Future is possible.

  • Collective programme
  • 12 hours per month: 5 X 2 days
  • 80 hours over 5 months
  • From 9:00 am to 3:15 pm 

  • Corporate (large organisations): from 6 000 to 10 000 euros HT
  • Associations and local authorities: 6,000 euros excl.
  • professional (liberal professions and small companies)
  • Job seekers : from 1 500 euros TTC
No one should be prevented from attending the Shapership Academi for financial reasons! A discussion can be opened on the subject at the request.

The sky ladder: a vehicle to move up beyond what anyone sees possible  

The Sky Ladder - Cai Guo Quiang
The Sky Ladder - Cai Guo Quiang

As individuals and "communities of work", invest in building the Mindsets and Skillsets of the Future, not those of the Past

Teaching Faculty: Aline Frankfort, Jean-Louis Baudoin & Special Guests

Format: our workshops are live, interactive, not based on pre-recorded video lectures. They are limited to small groups of 12 participants to ensure dynamic and profound interactions.

This is not a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course); it is an EECO (Exceptional Eclectic Course delivered Online)

They are different from a usual webinar or course lecture. The interaction includes elements of visual facilitation and requires continuous visual presence for participation in discussions.

2 days in a raw is a profitable investment in time. This format is like a sky ladder: a "vehicle" which allows to reach higher level faster because it creates an exponential effect, as opposed to split days.

To ensure your participation, please apply now!

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