Compact Rehearsals of the Future

Opening radically new paths 

3 hours to open radically new paths to the Future

Do you know that Rehearsing your Future is possible ?

It is one of the most efficient way to escape the "repetition" of the S.O.S (Same Old Solutions) and to give voice to your aspirations. 

If we want to create a radically different future, we need to change HOW we think and WHAT we think. It requires a paradigm Shift: we need to change the "stories" that shape our lives to become capable of changing the way we shape our world.

It also means to THINK BIG and "radically" differently, to raise good QUESTIONS, to DARE IMAGINATION AND INCLUDE OUR HOPES IN OUR VISIONS.

We propose an EYE (H)Opener: a compact "Rehearsal of your Future(s)" through a 3-hour customized session

Because the only true way to discover Shapership is through practice, this is a proposition to profit from our expertise and passion at a "COVID-Conscious" fee and to experiment how to think into the Future(s) with imagination. Our wish is to make you feel and taste that "The Future is already here".

It is designed for citizens, managers, leaders, who want to create within their family, communities, or organizations an alternative story of the Future that would resonate with the imperatives of our times and with their deepest Hopes and Aspirations.

What will we do during this discovery session?

In this three-hour "Rehearsal of the Future", we will practice on a question of your choice the three leverages of Shapership for a transformative impact. 

How does it work practically?

Price and registration

We propose 3 COVID-conscious fees

  • Individual Fees: 380 €
  • Professional Fees (liberal profession, very small companies): 400 €
  • Company Fees (SME, Big organisations and institutions): 450 €

Coaches and consultants not accepted in this format.

Practical organization

  • You chose the situation, question or "concern" you want to tackle with us
  • For the same fee, you can invite up to 5 people from your team or organization
  • The 3-hour session will last from 14:00 to 17:00 on a date to be chosen
  • It will be hosted on the Zoom platform
  • To register for your on-line session, chose the appropriate option and contact us to make an appointment
  • Upon reception of your payment, you will receive a doodle to select a date
  • You will be able to request an invoice (send all useful informations)
  • Should you wish to spend more time with us, we will reduce our assistance fee to the max