Shapership Consulting

Reshaping the Landscape

"We don't live an era of Change but through a change of Era." Professor Jan Rotmans

Refreshing "mental maps" to shape new landscapes

Most organisations talk Innovation but practice Renovation. They are "reorganizing the furniture in the same room", whereas "the need is to reinvent the room and in more and more instances, the building itself!

The Future is NOW.

"NOW" is a moment in time for each of us, whether in Business and/or Life, to raise good questions and make wise decisions.

No one can take wise decisions and create the Future starting from obsolete "mental maps". It has nothing to do with "intelligence", but with a crisis of perception: the inability to see an emerging novel reality by being locked inside obsolete assumptions or business paradigm.

The key rests in the way we look at the world, in other words, in our capacity to modify our mental maps and the landscapes they let us see 

The "Art of Re-perception": changing your Maps so you can change your Landscape

If your aspiration calls you to shape a radically different Future for yourself and those around you, that is possible through to a series of Shifts in Thinking and Perspectives. It means changing how you think and what you think. It means adopting vanguard lenses and paradigm shifting visions, allowing for a creative reconstruction of what you commonly accept as the "Reality". 

This is Shapership as a strategic practice to change the stories that shape our lives so we can change the way we shape the world. 

To make Strategy truly alive, we create transformative strategic conversations and sessions that generate "shifts in Minds for shifts in action", broaden your perspectives, unlock your Imagination, open the doors for new possibilities.

They allow 3 conscious crucial shifts

  1. A Shift in Intention. From the desire of preserving the Past to the will of giving new shapes to the Future
  2. A Shift in Feelings. From Fear, Confusion and Despair to Hope, Inspiration and Desire
  3. A Shift in Thinking. From a linear and ego-centered Reflexion to a creative approach and a holistic Vision of connected issues and challenges

Getting to Next: when "Mental Maps" actively shape the Landscape

We propose Strategy as Innovation versus Strategy as Analysis

We are super equipped with strategic methods (such as 4 Executive Certificates from M.I.T Sloan School of Management and Oxford Business School in "Strategic Planning and Strategic reframing") and we propose an original approach to help our customers Shape the Future. They experiment Strategy as Innovation, in a completely new and fun way, avoiding the narrowness of conventional approaches.

We design and facilitate "Journeys into the unknown Future". They are based on the specific articulation of our 16 core Lenses, (metaphors, Methods, processes tools and maps) for Transformational Conversations which support the thinking process and the shifts in the way participants think, feel, speak, and act. 

Strategic Innovation is about reshaping your Mental Maps to help you make today the strategic choices that will lead you to actively shape your Future(s).

It is the alternative to traditional strategic processes which are based on analysis and linear Thinking. They generally lead to Forecasting, incremental Innovation and commoditized Strategies unable to cope with the wicked problems and the uncertainties you face.

What we do is a Fusion of Imagination, Serious Creativity, Scenario Thinking and Strategy for a more relevant type of Strategic Thinking. The type of audacious and vanguard Thinking that can "Get you to Next". 

Making sense of a Landscape of change and navigating uncertainties with new Perspectives

In our strategic workshops, participants work in groups and/or communities to sense and tackle important issues of our time and create Transformative Innovation in practice.

Strategic Thinking becomes a guided Rehearsal of the Future which happen through

  • a collaborative world-issues game about Sustainability and Resilience designed for groups wanting to place their activity into the view of current global challenges and the Regenerative Paradigm.

  • Future Conversations that allow to understand multiple Perspectives about the Future, navigate Uncertainties, open completely new spaces for Innovation and build the Future on dreams, Aspirations, Values and Hopes
These approches allow to 
  • Practice the Art of the Long view: learning from the Future and navigating uncertainties:
  • Connect the dots and engage in the Big Picture of what is happening and what might happen in our world, including new approaches to Value creation
  • Shift from rigid Mindsets to flexible Perspectives
  • Conceive a Portfolio of innovations allowing to "fix the plane while flying", including transformative innovations much more in harmony with changes in process in the world and other imperatives everyone is facing
  • Practice Radical Thinking (back to the roots), and the 3 leverages of Shapership

The secret to make strategy alive: use the three leverages of Shapership for a transformative impact

Lever 1: Creative Resistance: the BIG NO!

Looking at Reality with fresh perspectives, challenging conventional Wisdom, beliefs, prevailing ideas and stories that limit Thinking and possibilities

Lever 2: Transformative Vision: The BIG YES!

Freeing Imagination, broadening perspectives, discovering pockets of the Future in the Present and how to disrupt tyhe dominant system with a Purpose

Lever 3: Anticipative Experimentation: the CREATIVE HOW

Imagining a landscape of Innovation, transforming Initiatives, and visionary Actions, to tilt the system and travel towards a viable Future. Creating the conditions and ecosystems of actors to get started on the implementation of the Future.