The DNA of Shapership

3 leverages

You will discover for your entire Life the 3 leverages of Shapership for Transformative Impact

When connected, these elements form the "DNA" of Shapership and create a self-reinforcing loop and allow to disrupt a system with a Purpose. 

As a way of being, Shapership invites to adopt the "Altitude Attitude" and to open the "Soul Compass". It is an integrity of the Being based on a full connection between Open Mind, Open Heart and Open Will.

It gives Shapers the capacity to see / think Big and Radical, to adopt a helicopter view yet in tune with Reality, to act from a deeply connected perspective, way beyond Ego awareness, and to open meaningful and progress-generating trails for the entire human "Eco-system".

As a way of doing, Shapership derives its power from the articulation of 3 very simple elements that all Shapers activate, as anyone can do in his/her everyday life: 

1 Creative Resistance

2 Transformative Vision 

3 Anticipative Experimentation 

Three fundamental elements at the heart of the Shaper's Mindset

1) Creative Resistance: The Big No.

While most people accept a given situation as "just the way things are", Shapers perceive the status quo as something to be overcome or disrupted. Creative Resistance emerges from looking at Reality square in the face and sensing the need for something else to be born.

By looking at reality in a fresh way, Shapers initiate a creative reconstruction of what is possible.

While Creative Resistance is a durable attitude, it is not enough on its own. As the great scientist Buckminster Fuller said:

"You never change things by fighting the existing Reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete".

2) The Transformative Vision: The Big Yes.

Shapers embrace "what could be" and set out to bring it to life, reinforced by a deep commitment to a meaningful and Transformative Vision which is making alternative Futures visible. It is Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream", which opens the hearts of millions of people. It is a big "YES" to a desired Future, something that "needs to happen" because it represents the Hopes of many and enhances the Dignity and the meaning of human Life.

So, even if others think it is "impossible", Shapers fully engage and make the impossible possible!

Using this vision as a "lens", Shapers open up new paths towards the Future, embodying the change they want to see happen in the world.

As they go about practicing what they preach, their transformative vision becomes the axis upon which they align their thoughts and actions.

3) Anticipative Experimentation: The Creative How

A transformative Vision calls for transformative actions. To begin to shape new realities in an alternative Paradigm, Shapers often need to completely reinvent the ways things operate. 

To achieve this, they abolish Competition and create new forms of Collaboration.

They rally a dynamic ecosystem of actors and partners, so that Anticipative Experimentation becomes a space for co-creation. Whether it is through a movement, a company, a community, Shapers unite people around shared Purposes and make the transition path visible.