The Shapership Academi

An education Venture for Shapers of the Future 

The Shapership Academi stands for "more Imagination, more Courage, more Freedom to create a NO-MAD world and the Next Appeal: the "Erotica" of the Future. 

Ultimately, it stands for building the Future on Hope, Imagination and Radical Wisdom rather than on Fear or Despair.

Zoom on NO MAD Land
Zoom on NO MAD Land

The Shapership Academi is a high level original Transformative Learning Experience designed to think Big about ourselves, reconfigure the way we see the world and our place in it. 

One of the objectives is to turn each of us into

an "I Opener",

an "Eye Opener",

an "Eye Hopener"

and a "High Opener".

We, the Founders of the Shapership Academi, are unorthodox but we get results. Both experts in Creative and Strategic Thinking, invited University professors, we are a known, renown and appreciated "Hot Shop" in Creative Thinking and Strategic Innovation. 

Working directly with Purpose driven people (Students, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, CEO's and their teams), we have transformative conversations and sessions that generate "shifts in Minds for shifts in action", broaden their perspectives, unlock their Imagination, open doors for new possibilities.
After the publication of our book, "Shapership. the art of shaping the Future" people told us : we know the future we don't want , but we don't know how to build the Future we want
So, we decided to create the shapership Academi so this vital 21st century competence could be learned

The Shapership Academi's curriculum is based on the principles developed in our book "Shapership: the Art of Shaping the Future" and on our extensive practice of making alternative stories of the Future visible and actionable for companies, organisations and communities of work. 

The curriculum is based on disciplines and approaches generally ignored by Universities and traditional Business Schools. 

ACADEMI is spelled that way because each letter has a specific meaning

A lternatives versus Alternative

C reativity versus Conformity

A spirations versus Fatalisation

D isruptions versus Extrapolations

E ducation versus Conformation

M ovements versus Status quo

I magination versus Renovation 

A word from the Shapership Academi's Godfather

Michel Bauwens

Founder of the Peer to Peer Foundation, Author, Researcher
One of the most influential personalities of the 21st Century

To survive the chaotic transition period we are traversing, moving from caterpillar to butterfly stage, we have to change collectively, as local, national and planetary citizens; we have to change relationally, learning to cooperate cosmo-locally; and we have to change individually, as we move from ego to eco. We are not fully born with these skills, we learn them, and to learn them, we need skilled mentors and facilitators, who have an understanding of all these levels at the same time. These people are rare, but you will find them in the amazing people of Shapership. Look no further to find peers in this journey. Shapership is an invaluable commons of capabilities and experiences.

The Academi is where "Shapership", a vital 21st Century competence, is transmitted.

Shapership is the Art of Shaping the Future" i.e. the Art of making alternative and meaningful Futures visible, desirable and actionable. 

Zoom on NO MAD Land
Zoom on NO MAD Land

The Shapership Academi is a unique space to learn the Art of Shaping the Future, i e.

  • A way to face Reality in creative, visionary and sometimes revolutionary ways. An attitude of Radical Authenticity, Creative Imagination and Unconventional Wisdom which leads to challenge and escape the prison of "representations", to see things with fresh eyes, to unlock imagination and open up new meaningful path to the Future, transforming Society for the better. 

The Shapership Academi offers participants, individually and /or collectively, unique opportunities to explore and learn in practice the vital Mindsets and skillsets of the Future: the capacity to consciously shift their Perspectives and change the stories that shape their lives - mental maps, world views, beliefs and perceptions - so they can change the way they shape the world. 

Change the Stories that shape your Life, so you can change the way you shape the world 

The Shapership Academi offers a 100% "eclectic" vehicle to move  

from MAD Land (leading to Massive Assured Destruction)

to NO-MAD Land (leading to Mutually Assured Development).

Just like you, we're striving for a NO-MAD world, and we believe that getting there will require from all of us, instead of trying to "solve" current problems within the same paradigm,  to boost the quality of our Thinking and of our Imagination as forces able to open new radically different and meaningful Futures.

The Shapership attitude is inspired by the great scientist Buckminster Fuller who said:

"You never change things by fighting the existing Reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete"

The Shapership Academi is designed for purpose-driven Citizens (Students, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Innovators, CEO's) who, rather than correcting the Past or improving the Present, aspire to develop the Mindsets and skillsets needed to shape a radically different and desirable Future for themselves, their families and communities.

The quality of your Future will depend on the Quality of your Thinking!

How can you learn the Art of Shaping the Future? By rehearsing it !

Learning as Unusual: The GO from EGO to ECO Process 

The Shapership Academi offers participants the opportunity to learn the Art of Shaping the Future in 5 workshops through a process we have named the "GO from EGO to ECO" 

Each GO workshops is a "Rehearsal of the Future" space: an opportunity for people to transform what they think and how they think, learning in the presence of others, individually and collectively making visible the taken for granted ideas as well as alternative stories of the Future they want in line with their Dreams, Hopes, Aspirations versus "fixing the problems".

The programme starts with an introductory workshop which allows the acquisition of the new Mindsets and Thinking abilities required to become creative actors in the new Society.

Each of the 4 remaining modules is built to deep dive into specific aspects of Shapership

Intended Learning Outcomes

The Academi's promise: More Imagination, More Courage, more Freedom for a Journey of Hope to help you "GO DO GOOD" in the world

The Academi is focused on the "de-envelopment" of the "Arts" - Mindsets, Attitudes and Skillsets - needed to shape the Future

The shapership Academi's promise is to activate the Opening Forces - courage, imagination, passion and hope - to participate in the shaping of a viable and desirable Future.

The Academi is there to help each Shaper-to-be think into the Future with Creativity and Imagination, boost Hope and the Confidence one can feel in one's ability to create alternative Futures, make the choices and internal shifts needed to better live one's life according to one's deepest desires and aspirations.

You will equip yourself with transformative State-of-the-Art Creative Thinking, Forecasting and Conversation practices that open doors to infinite possibilities, radically different Visions and bring more Depth, Altitude, Imagination, Hope, Humanity, and Freedom to your personal and professional life.

The whole process will contribute to the unfolding the deep skills of Creativity, imagination, Wisdom and Reflection and help you "go do good" in the World. 

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