More about the concept

"Be careful about the Present you create because it must look like the Future you dream of."

Proverb from a Collective of Women in Bolivia

We create Stories and stories shape our lives. They define the meaning we give to our experiences, our sense of identity, what we believe is possible or impossible for our lives, the Future we imagine - hence our priorities, the decisions and actions we make. 

In other words, the Future IS NOW. 

What happens when we imagine "Apocalyse now"?

What is the meaning of Life today for the people whose vision of the Future is colonized by a belief in an impossibility of Change - an eternal Present - or "Apocalypse now" - the end of the world?

At the opposite, what happens if we can imagine and desire another Future?

What type of emotions, decisions, commitments, actions would those visions create? 

In a period which, within itself, carries as many dangers as genuine opportunities, we are all facing a polarisation in our everyday Life:

  • Either, we remain prisoners of Regression forces - Fear, Egos, Lack of Imagination, Despair, Fatalism and a craving for Certainty - which supersede the desire to move forward and generate the risk of our going back to "more of the same", Autoritarism, Polarisations and Exclusions
  • or we are guided by Opening forces we carry within ourselves such as Courage, Hope, Creative Energy, Imagination, which may drive us to shape a different, desirable and viable Future