What you will learn

The Academi's promise

The Mindsets and skillsets of the Future: Creativity, Imagination, Reflection, Freedom and wisdom

The Academi provides knowledge and a Holistic approach 


The Academi is designed for each person to learn the Art of shaping the Future",  a whole "way of Being, Seeing and Acting".

The Academi not only provides Knowledge but a holistic approach to build the Shapership Attitude: An attitude of Radical Authenticity, Creative Imagination and Unconventional Wisdom

It creates the conditions participants need 

  • to equip themselves with State-of-the-Art Creative Thinking, Forecasting, Conversation practices. 
  • to safely transform what and how they think
  • to learn in the Presence of others, as well as deliberately change the stories that shape their life, so they can change the way they shape the world.

Each person grows their capacities to consciously try new Perspectives, navigate uncertainties, creatively solve dilemmas, think beyond the horizon of the thinkable, "make the Future the cause of the Present" and deliberately instill the sense of Hope and Purpose in everything they do.

The Learning experience also seeks to ignite Imagination, Freedom, Hope, Pride, Dignity in all those who participate.

It is a way to become an "I Opener", an "Eye Opener", an "Eye Hopener" and a "High Opener". 

What you will Learn

The Art of Shaping the Future, which is based on deep skills each participant will acquire and unfold

If you are more of the systemic kind, here is the "Mayonnaise effect"

Like a mayonnaise is the combination of various elements which generates more Value than the sum of the parts, the programme carefully articulates Methods, Lenses, Metaphors and Tools which reinforce each other.