The Academi's Promise

The Academi provides Knowledge and a holistic approach to build the Shapership Attitude and grow your "Creative Agency"

The Academi offers the opportunity to learn Shapership: the art of making radically different futures visible, desirable and actionable.

In other words, participants learn 

"a way to face Reality "as it is" and "as it could be " in creative, visionary and sometimes revolutionary ways, completely aware that "the eye only sees what the brain is ready to understand".

Thus aware that our "Mental maps" are not THE "Landscape" but they define how we shape OUR landscape.

The "Art of Shaping the Future" is about the Power and the Freedom to reconsider the stories we tell ourselves so we can change our own Reality. 

Learning to make these "shifts" in Thinking and in perspectives is what participants can learn at the Shapership Academi

  • by being AWARE of those stories
  • by being FREE to challenge and ESCAPE those they don't want
  • by using the power of their creative IMAGINATION to make alternative stories EMERGE
  • by WEAVING new relationship with the Future they DESIRE for themselves and Society
  • by making conscious and wise choices based on freer and expanded perspectives.

The Academi not only provides Knowledge but a holistic approach to build this whole "way new of Being, Seeing and Acting". It  creates the conditions participants need to

  • equip themselves with transformative State-of-the-Art Creative Thinking, Forecasting, Conversation methods and practices
  • to safely transform what and how they think
  • to learn in the Presence of others
  • to activate and practice the skillsets and Mindsets of the Future: Creativity, Imagination, Wisdom and Reflection.

The whole process is crafted to enhance the participant's Creative Agency: the power and freedom to deliberately change the mental Maps - worldviews, the stories, beliefs and perceptions- that shape their life, so they can change the way they shape the world.

Each person grows their capacities to consciously try new Perspectives, navigate uncertainties, creatively solve dilemmas, think beyond the horizon of the thinkable, "make the Future the cause of the Present" and deliberately instill the sense of Hope and Purpose in everything they do.

As a result, they develop the Altitude Attitude : Radical Authenticity, Creative Imagination and Unconventional Wisdom

This means adopting vanguard lenses and paradigm shifting visions, allowing for a creative reconstruction of Reality and opening new paths to desirable and viable Futures.

The Learning experience also seeks to ignite Imagination, Freedom, Hope, Pride, Dignity in all those who participate.

It is a way to become an "I Opener", an "Eye Opener", an "Eye Hopener" and a "High Opener".

What you will Learn

The Art of Shaping the Future, which is based on deep skills each participant will acquire and unfold

If you are more of the systemic kind, here is the "Mayonnaise effect"

Like a mayonnaise is the combination of various elements which generates more Value than the sum of the parts, the programme carefully articulates Methods, Lenses, Metaphors and Tools which reinforce each other.

A word from the Shapership Academi's Godfather

Michel Bauwens

Founder of the Peer to Peer Foundation, Author, Researcher
One of the most influential personalities of the 21st Century

To survive the chaotic transition period we are traversing, moving from caterpillar to butterfly stage, we have to change collectively, as local, national and planetary citizens; we have to change relationally, learning to cooperate cosmo-locally; and we have to change individually, as we move from ego to eco. We are not fully born with these skills, we learn them, and to learn them, we need skilled mentors and facilitators, who have an understanding of all these levels at the same time.

These people are rare, but you will find them in the amazing people of Shapership. Look no further to find peers in this journey.

Shapership is an invaluable commons of capabilities and experiences.