Who are the Shapers? 

People who take a stand, dare to Dream Big and courageously reinvent the way things operate  

We have been looking for people who embody that concept. We called them "Shapers". They have "changed the world", at least part of it. They have opened new paths - in Education, Justice, Management, Health, etc. - which were invisible until then.

Shapers have been around as long as we can remember! They appear in every country, social groups, fields of activity, age-brackets, genders, races and contexts.

We focused on the way the Shapers perceive the world, i.e. on their way of seeing, being and acting.

All those people think BIG AND CREATIVE. They challenge conventional Wisdom. They have Transformative Visions which may seem close to Utopia. They have a "Dream" to enhance the Dignity and the Meaning of human Life and, even if others think it is "impossible", they make the "impossible" possible. They put the world upside down and adopt unconventional Wisdom.

They create new forms of collaboration. Whether through a mouvement, a company, a community, shapers unite people around shared Purposes.

Some famous Shapers of yesterday and today include

  • Rob Hopkins (United Kingdom, 1968-) Shaper of the Transition Town Movement
  • Ricardo Semler (Brazil, 1959-) Shaper of Industrial Democracy
  • Catia Bastioli (Italy, 1957-) Shaper a new model of Sustainable Development integrated with the territory
  • Sanjit "Bunker" Roy (India, 1945-) Shaper of Barefoot Education
  • Maria Montessori (Italy 1870-1952) Shaper of a new approach to Education
  • Michel Onfray (France, 1959-) Shaper of Freedom Through Philosophy
  • Vishen Lakhiani (Malaysia, United States,1976-) Shaper of Self-Development for all Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy (India 1918-2006) Shaper of an Eye-Care System with a Vision
  • Salman Khan, (Bengal, United States, 1976 - ) Shaper of Education for Many.

And maybe you ?

Our Passion for purposeful Change(s) led us to write our first book "Shapership, the Art of shaping the Future", In this book, you will find the story of a few that may become a source of inspiration.

You may also want to discover Shapership in Practice to shape a desirable Future for yourself, your community or your organisation. 

You can also learn the Art of Shaping the Future in the Shapership Academi.