Putting the world upside down might be the best way to put it right


Putting the world upside down might be the best way to put it right.

Being a dyslexic, I consider that this might be the simplest path to a desirable Future

I am scared by the "prisons" of normative concepts that lock us into "routine thinking", if this can still be call Thinking.

Now let's try a playful exercise:

  • identify the most rigid concepts, mantras and seemingly forbidden practices of our times which start with an "UN"
  • embrace them to the max
  • see what breadth of freedom it opens in your mind

Here are some examples

  • make the familiar UNfamiliar
  • think the UNthinkable
  • Imagine the UNimaginable
  • adopt UNconventional wisdom
  • Create UNorthodox approaches
  • love UNprediactibility
  • question the UNquestionable
  • travel into UNknown territories
  • start to UNdo

Now is the time for "Unreason", as described by Charles Handy: 

We are entering an Age of Unreason, a time when the Future, in so many areas, is to be shaped by us and for us; a time when the only prediction that will hold true is that no prediction will hold true; a time, therefore, for bold imagining in the private life as well as public; for thinking the unlikely and doing the unreasonable.

Tell us, do you see how joyful this could be?