What can Shapership bring to Leadership (Part 2)


"Since 10 years, I write here about the future of Leadership, in the context of the Disruption Economy. And in ten years, I have never come across a text summarizing so well what Disruptive Leaders do and will do to stay afloat."

We are honored by the comment our friend Didier Marlier made about this article and particularly proud he published it on his website. It was than published on ours 

Shapership is this capacity to Shape the Future and inspire others to engage in change.
What makes Shapers so inspiring? The Do's and Don'ts of Shapership will give you an answer.
If you are a Leader, what can "Shapership mean and what can it bring you? A real inspiration to become the kind of inspiring leader you may want to become in this disruptive economy. An Eye (H)opener.

Here is the link to the second part of this article