What's in a B?

From Roadmapping to Broadmapping

Ignited by a powerful metaphor and a game,

we propose an individual and group narrative conversation to help you and your collaborators to take a helicopter view on one of your issues, seriously play with and deliberately change your mental maps.

 Results: move from “stuck” to “unstuck”and change the way you shape the world. Rather than forecasting, the game allows to move from RoadMaps to Broadmaps.

Why the Shapership Game?

“Be careful about the Present you create because it must look like the Future you dream of”.

It is “Now o'clock!”

It is a secret for no one that our current world is going MAD! More exactly, the way we live on this planet is leading us to Massive Assured Destruction. No wonder a majority of us feel disoriented, desperate or overwhelmed.

For each of us, now is a historical moment, whether in Business and/or in Life, to raise good questions and make wise decisions. We have a fundamental choice to make:

  • lead wrong fights to preserve this destructive MAD world
  • or foster right causes to imagine and shape a NO-MAD LAND driven by Mutually Assisted Development.
Our “mental maps” are not the“landscape”, but they define how we shape it.

As Einstein said, “The world we have created is a product of our thinking”.

Knowing that MAD Land and NO MAD Lands are created and sustained by a set of completely different – and often unconscious – mental Maps (worldviews, mindsets, stories, feelings and values), we have to change our Maps if we want to shape a new world. Because our Maps shape the landscape.

The shapership game is an “eclectic” vehicle to move from MAD to NO-Mad Land. It is an invitation to deliberately reframe our“Mental Maps” to reshape our Landscapes. Just imagine how that might change the decisions you take today, open the space for transformative Innovation and deliberately instill the sense of Purpose and Hope in everything you do.

What's in a B? The difference between Roadmapping and Broadmapping !

“Direction comes from altitude”

Roadmaps are a specific way to move from A to B (for instance from 4G to 5G). Roadmaps are fine when you need to deploy a project without taking uncertainties and new possibilities into account. But the fact is we can’t predict the Future. What we can do is to make wise decisions informed by multiple perspectives.  

Broadmaps help us expand our perspectives and seize the historical panorama. Broadmapping offers a "helicopter" view to any person who wants to get a broader view on an issue, a project or any other situation where "altitude" is key.

As a conversation and coaching tool, the Shapership Game is designed to enable you adopt the Altitude Attitude: a higher, global perspective.  It enables you to get out of “familiar” patterns and make better choices of direction.

It is a foresight game allowing you to play with the Future before it happens.

What’s the Shapership game? Map, territories and cards

We have created a Metaphorical Map territories we invented and called MAD LAND and NO MAD LAND, with 9 areas and 348 metaphorical places of interest.

We then designed a game based on "Mental Cards", so to speak: 174 cards, each of which proposes two “contrasted” points of view, depending on the MAD or NO MAD worldview adopted.

You can use the Shapership game around a theme or a challenge to “play” creatively with your Mental maps and imagine the Future(s) you wish to see happen.

As you can see, each of the 9 areas existing in Mad land has its “contrasted replica” in NO-Mad land.

There is a logical build-up, from bottom to top which represents how the deepest levels impact the way we act or react.

For instance, depending on our Mindsets, perceptions and emotions, we can find ourselves

  • captured by the Regression forces -Fear, Ego, lack of imagination and a search for Certainty - which usually lead us to an inward-centric focus, Strategy as war  and the S.O.S. (Same Old Solutions)
  • or able to activate the Opening forces– Desire, Courage, Eco-centric Consciousness, Imagination – which will drive you to find new approaches to shape the Future.

New points of view to shape our Future everyday.

Going into more details in Mad Land and No Mad land, the visit offers the choice of new points of view to shape the Future in everyday Life: 378 points of interest, each of which metaphorically illustrates a way to look at the world.

Each of our “mental cards” associates two“contrasted” points of interest, providing us with vantage points from which we can, at the same time, observe the world we want less of and imagine the world we want more of. 

Thanks to this reflective surface, we can also see how we participate in shaping the Future every day, either by maintaining the status quo, or by living the Future today. We are invited to shift from a worldview that limits our sense of possibilities and keeps us stuck in the Present to a radically different meaning-making story of the Future.

 For instance

In the “Mindset and perceptions” area, are we starting the day in the One Right Answer Saloon or in the 20/20 Vision Café?

How can we move from the “Concrete Jail” - The trap resulting from “Action without Vision”-  to the “Vision to Action” Elevator which generates Power and Flexibility.

In this VUCA world, how can we move from “The Search for Certainty Shadows and Fog” to the “Confidence in UncertaintyBay”?

Are we guided by the “Fear to Lose” or by the “Desire to Create”? What can the consequences be?

Are we approaching “Strategy as War”, trying to be the best in the world? Or “Strategy as Collaboration”, trying to be the best for the world?


Triggered by this powerful metaphor, the game offers individuals and groups a narrative coaching and conversation to “reframe their mental maps” and better shape the Landscapes.  

Instead of trying to solve problems within the same old paradigm, the game is designed  

  • to identify andespace familiar and routine patterns
  • to consciously try other worldviews, suggesting other ways to look at a situation, think, behave, show up and take action beyond our usual repertoire of responses
  • to re-connect with our preferences, hopes, dreams and open up new possibilities
  • to make wise choices and beneficial changes on how to move from MAD Land to NO-Mad Land 

The game offers a journey into the Unknown with a “Soul Compass”.  

As a result, we trust this will enable you to feel, see and understand how to better orient your desires and your efforts in your daily practices. It may lead you to the appropriate state of BEING needed to make 3 conscious internal shifts to actively shape your Future

  1. a shift in INTENTION: from the intention to preserve the Past to the desire to shape the Future
  2. a shift in FEELINGS: from Fear, Confusion and Despair to Hope, Inspiration and Desire. What we call the Erotica of the Future
  3. a shift in THINKING: from linear, ego-centric thinking to creative, cosmos-centric thinking

Enjoy your next wise move: from MAD Land to NO MAD Land!


As a game, MAD land and NO MAD Land Map and Cards can be used individually and collectively in different ways.

It always starts by defining a subject you want to think about (your family, your business, your studies, etc.) where you have a challenge and need to move from “Stuck”to “Unstuck”.

  1. Daily meditation
  2. Structured gift conversation
  3. Tarot on specific challenges (6 Cards)
  4. Tarof on specific challenges (5 cards)
  5. Diving into a specific problem
  6. Designing the Future in No Mad Land (2 to 12 players): 9 cards
    Get out of MADland and build the Future you dream of in No Mad Land
  7.  Shapership game Full version: (4 to 80 players)
    Learn the planet crafts: The Art of shaping the Future
    This is played on a topic / subject / issue in which you need to make shifts and design a preferred Future.
    The group formulates the “epic goal” of the game session.
    For instance, all players agree to re-imagine and reinvent the way we feed ourselves, the way we transport ourselves, the way we access water, the way we design our buildings….
    The game is played in teams. Each team is a diverse community “playing with the Future” and exercising its own creative Agency
  • investigating the long-term challenges they face
  • propose imaginative solutions, and coordinate efforts to start putting their best ideas into action at the right scale.

Rather than forecasting, the game allows to move from RoadMaps to Broadmaps.

Ask for a guided conversation with the Shapership Game.

The Shapership “game” is a support to live your lives with enchantment and Creative Agency, filled with new meaning and continuous purposeful Creativity, full of delight, Beauty and Poetry. The best way to create the Future is to invent it.

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