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Discover Shapership in this podcast hosted by Aline Frankfort & Jean-Louis Baudoin. Learn how to change the Stories that shape your Life, so you can change the way you shape the Future!

Part 1 - Shapership - The concept

The Shapership Academi is designed for purpose-driven people of all ages and professions who, rather than correcting the Past, aspire to open new paths towards a Future in tune with their deepest Aspirations and Hopes. In a series of 5 x 2-day workshops (10 days total over a period of 5 months), you will journey through a process named “GO from EGO to ECO” .

This Transformative Experience in 5 two-day workshops (over a period of 5 months) is crafted to enable you to think BIG and different about the way you see the world and how you want to contribute to its Transformation. It offers you a unique space of Hope and Imagination to sharpen your skills and learn in practice the vital Mindsets and skillsets of the Future.  

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Read our book : https://www.marquebelge.com/livres/shapership/

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