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The Art of shaping the Future(s) has been our Passion for many years!

We design and facilitate transformative conversations and sessions to help purpose-driven people and teams:

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The Shapership Services

Strategic Futuring

Transformative visions and strategies

Making sense of a Landscape of change, exploring unknown Futures, navigating uncertainties, adopting wide angle and long term Perspectives on Future possibilities and Innovation to actively shape your Future.

Creative Imagination

Think Big and Free

Empowering transformative Visions, Dreams and Utopias and turning them into Strategies.

Transformative Facilitation

Collaborative conversations about the Future

Working in groups and/or communities to sense and tackle important issues of our time and create Transformative Innovation - demonstrating competence in practice.

"Jamming Together"

Jazz and the Art of Collaboration

A workshop based on a powerful metaphor to switch from "silos" to "combos", from "Command and Control" to "Focus and Freedom" and create Creative Collective Intelligence.


New insights for Foresight

Exploring various Perspectives on the Future and opening space for Transformative Innovation.

From Roadmapping to Broadmapping

Reframing " Mental Maps" to Shape the Landscape

An individual and group narrative coaching ignited by a powerful Metaphor and Game which offers new points of view to shape the Future everyday.

Our Practices allow anyone to consciously make the three necessary shifts to give life to Shapership
  1. a shift in Thinking; moving from Linear and Analytical Thinking, centred on Ego, to Complex and Creative Thinking, organized on real Eco-system issues
  2. a shift in Intentions: moving from the Desire to preserve the Past to the Desire to shape the Future and to make a difference
  3. a shift in Emotions: moving from the Fear and Despair to Hope, Desire and Hope.

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