The Shapership Academi Programme

A Transformative Journey into the Future(s) thanks to more Imagination, more Courage, more Freedom, more Hope, more Desire
The "GO from EGO to ECO" programme

Five one day and a half "Go workshops", carefully articulated to "GO from EGO to ECO consciousness

This transformative experience is crafted to enable participants to think big and radically different about the way they see the world and how they want to participate in its Transformation.

It is a way to become an I Opener, an Eye Opener, an Eye Hopener and a High Opener.

How can you learn the Art of shaping the Future? By rehearsing it!

Each workshop is a "Rehearsal of the Future". It offers opportunities for each person to safely transform what they think and how they think, shift their Perspectives, as well as deliberately reframe their "mental maps" so they can change the way they shape the world.

Thanks to a series of metaphors and maps for Transformational Gift Conversations, each workshop invites participants to individually and collectively make visible the taken for granted ideas as well as alternative stories of the Future they want in line with their Dreams, Hopes, Aspirations versus "fixing the problem".

A unique Methodology.

Our workshops are live, interactive, co-creative - limited to 20 participants and we use a radically different approach to Education: "Learning as unusal".

Our method: Learning as Unusual
Each of the Five "GO" workshop is designed as a "Rehearsal of the Future" and deals with a specific theme.

The flow of the programme starts with an introductory workshop designed to acquire the Mindsets and Thinking abilities to become creative actors in the new Society. It focuses on the Art of THINKING all of us need, individually and collectively, to design innovative concepts and ideas that will make the "Pertinent Difference".

Then, each of the remaining 4 Modules is built to deep dive into specific aspects of Shapership and to build the Shapership "Altitude Attitude". An attitude of Radical Authenticity, Creative Imagination and Unconventional Wisdom which allows to escape from the prison of our "representations", to see things with fresh eyes, to challenge the status quo, to unlock Imagination to generate Life-affirming transformative approaches, attitudes and behaviors that give us Hope that a viable Future is possible.

How is the programme built?

Around the careful articulation of the "ingredients" needed to make the "Art of Shaping the Future" emerge

We use tools and methods but we intend to help participants develop an "Art".

Like a Mayonnaise is the combination of various elements which generates more Value than the sum of the parts, the Academi generates a specific "Mayonnaise effect".

  • The ingredients of each workshop are the Shapership Academi 16 CORE and OTHER Lenses, Metaphors, Methods, Points of view, Processes and Tools which support the Learning Process
  • Each workshop is a specific Mayonnaise: the association of selected "ingredients" around a specific theme to make specific competences emerge and interact.
  • The Academi's program is the careful articulation of five workshops, which reinforce each other to make the Art of shaping the Future" emerge as a whole "way of being, seeing and acting", a combination of "deep skills"
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The 5 "GO" Workshops

GO 1 (Day 1 & 2): Mindsets and Skillsets of the Future

The flow of the program starts with a 2-day introductory workshop designed to acquire new Mindsets and Thinking skills to become creative actors in the new Society.
It develops awareness of the critical shifts in perspectives, ways of reading and making sense of the "Theater of our Mind" and shifts in Thinking needed to move from MAD Land to NO MAD Land.

It focuses on the Art of THINKING all of us need, individually and collectively, to design innovative concepts and ideas that will make the "Pertinent Difference".

Day 1

  • The Vital Art of Reperception
  • The Shapership "Altitude Attitude"
  • Serious Creativity and the Direct Attention Thinking Tools

Day 2

  • The Art of Seeing, Sensing, Seizing and Shaping
  • Specific exercises to move from MAD Land to NO MAD Land

The Promises of this module: the Great Escapes

(note that these outcomes are not generated by a 2 day session but through the practice of the approaches and tools during the rest of the Shapership Academi Process)

Instead of being under the pressure to conform, looking for the one right "formula" or the "tested Truth", mainly busy "rearranging" the furniture in the same room, everyone becomes more thoughtful and mindful, with the Courage, Flexibility and Imagination needed

  • to escape conventional Wisdom, challenge old assumptions and reframe Mental Maps
  • to escape critical and adversarial Thinking and be constructive
  • to escape repetition and tackle issues with the Creativity needed to generate pertinent new points of view, concepts and ideas
  • to escape the prison of "incremental Thinking", put their Imagination at work on key issues with radicality and Audacity to open up fresh and radically new ways forward and "make the impossible possible"
  • to escape the prison of "facts" and concrete realism" to master conceptual Thinking which is in fact the essence of Creativity and allows to connect Vision and Action
  • to escape rigidity and the illusion of control to understand how to navigate this fuzzy and ambiguous world with pleasure
GO 2 (Day 3 & 4): Self as a Subject - Life as a story
The Art of SEEING

The second module builds on the first and also runs over 2 days. It allows participants to work with their own stories, discovering new perspectives, weaving new threads towards a Future that includes their Hopes and Aspirations.

Designed as a "Rehearsal of the Future", this workshop allows to practice the 4 movements indispensable to the Art of Reperception - See, Sense, Seize, Shape - with a particular emphasis on The Art of SEEING.

Day 1 Living Self as a Multistory

  • The Creative Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Reality
  • Seeing and decoding our world with new glasses
  • From Rigid Mindsets to Flexible Enlarged Perspectives
  • Shifts in Thinking, in Intentions and in Emotions: 3 shifts to embody Shapership and to operate from the Future

Day 2 Living out of the Boxes

  • The experience of being STUCK and the experience of getting UNSTUCK
  • Working with taken for granted ideas and beliefs, conventional and unconventional Wisdom
  • Feed Forward (Dissolution) versus Feed-Back (Solution)

The promises of the workshop is on developing conscious capacities needed to become an "I Opener"

  • Working with our own story, and discovering how it strengthens our foundation for Success, Happiness and sense of Possibility
  • Becoming aware of the stories that shape our worldview and Agency
  • Listening in transformative ways, practicing dialogue and generative conversations that open doors to magical possibilities
  • Reframing our stories to show up with Presence and Self-Awareness
  • Finding new stories that open new dimensions of who we are and want to become
  • Moving from Ego to Soul needs
GO 3 (Day 5 & 6): Engaged Groups - The Archeology of Hope
The Art of SENSING

In this 2-day workshop, participants will work in groups and/or communities to sense and tackle important issues of our time and create Transformative Innovation - demonstrating competence in practice.

This is Shapership as a Group practice to change the stories that shape our lives so we can change the way we shape the world.

Each day is a rehearsal of the Future which happen through

  • a collaborative world-issues game about Sustainability and Resilience designed for groups wanting to place their activity into the view of current global challenges and the Regenerative Paradigm (Day 1)
  • a Future Conversation that allows to understand multiple Perspectives about the Future, navigate Uncertainties, open completely new spaces for Innovation and build the Future on dreams, Aspirations, Values and Hopes (Day 2)

This is a fun way to experiment a series of aspects, mainly Strategy and deep Innovation, in a completely new way, avoiding the narrowness of conventional approaches

The workshop emphasizes The Art of SENSING.

The promises of the workshop is on developing conscious capacities needed to become an "Eye Opener"

  • Connecting the Dots, adopting a Big Picture View and Systemic Lenses on the emerging and inter-connected issues of our times
  • The Art of the Long view: learning from the Future and navigating uncertainties:
  • the Archeology of Hope: making sense of the Future in the Now
  • Shifting from rigid Mindsets to flexible Perspectives
  • Engaging in the Big Picture of what is happening and what might happen in our world, in the context of Doing well by doing good, and sensing new approaches to Value creation
  • Making the invisible and implicit visible: decoding patterns of Thoughts
  • Making the implicit emerge: sensing the ecosystem of "Demands" from "Outside-in", purposeful and Eco-consciousness perspectives
  • Focusing, Framing, Accessing a Purpose
  • Practicing Radical Thinking (back to the roots), based on the articulation of the 3 leverages of Shapership: the joy of acts of Creative Resistance and challenge "the way things are", Disrupt a dominant system with a Purpose and Reshape the landscape
GO 4 (Day 7 & 8): The Erotica of the Future - Shaping the Future with Creative Imagination
The Art of SEIZING

In workshop 4, participants will take a closer look at how to think BIG, Radical and in transformative ways to make alternative Futures Visible.

The focus of this workshop is Possibility Thinking and "Butterfly Thinking" with the goal

  • to boost Imagination and Imaginal capabilities
  • to unlock the Human Spirit
  • to think beyond the Horizon of the Thinkable
  • to empower transformative Visions, Dreams and Utopias
  • to make the Future the cause of the Present and to create the Erotica of The Future

This is an invitation to

  • reconsider the "normal way things are", to resist MAD Land - the Crisis of Imagination, the Regression Forces
  • and to unlock Imagination and Heart to Re-open, Re-imagine and Re-story the Future with a meaningful and Transformative Vision - a "Counter Story" of a NO MAD world, full of Hope and Desires

The Metaphor of Mad land and NO MAD Land will be used as a support for the "Hero's Journey", allowing to rehearse the Future by consciously trying new perspectives to shape the Future everyday.

The "programme" is structured around the first 2 leverages of Shapership for transformative impact: Creative Resistance and Transformative Vision

While making this "Rehearsal of the Future", we will add tools and lenses to de-envelop "Butterfly" and Possibility Thinking,

The content is especially designed to develop the Art of SEIZING

  • Regenerating our "maps", questioning and deconstructing the obvious, practicing the Joy of Challenging and disrupting (beyond all categories)
  • Extending our perspectives: looking forward and upward to open new dimensions, reimagining and Re-storying the Future connecting to our Aspirations and Dreams
  • Seeing Reality "as it could be" and opening new paths to the Future : developing a Vision for the Future, form new perspective based on fresh method of Perception, Cognition and Unconventional Wisdom

The promise of this workshop is to become an "Eye (H)opener": to Think Radical (to the essence /roots) and big about us and about the world, "Reconstructing" our Future world including who we are, who we have been, who we would prefer to be and might decide to become.

This is the Altitude Attitude in practice.

GO 5 (Day 9 & 10): NO MAD Land - Reshaping the Landscape
The Art of SHAPING

This module builds on the 4 previous ones to master the "Art" of shaping the Future.

It expands anyone's capacities to make alternative Futures visible, shared , desirable AND actionable to create the Transformational Journeys.

There is a particular emphasis on The Art of SHAPING the Future, turning transformative Visions and dreams into strategies.

This is the third leverage of Shapership: The Creative How.

A Transformative Vision calls for Transformative Actions.

To make the shifts towards a new paradigm, Shapers often need the courage to completely reinvent the ways things operate. But not alone. They know key issues require System Solutions, new forms of Collaboration rather than "Competition". They rally a dynamic Ecosystem of actors and partners to shape Reality in new ways, so that Anticipative Experimentation becomes a space for co-creation and collective improvisation on Desire. This jamming together. Whether it is through a Movement, a Company, a Community, Shapers unite people around shared Purposes and make the Transition Path visible.

The major theme of the whole workshop is "Jamming Together in NO MAD Land":

  • organizing without losing the Purpose: the Focus and Freedom effect versus Command and Control. How to shift from "Cooperation" to effective "Collaboration"
  • creating Networks of Hope, Competences and Commitments
  • playing the Music, not the Notes

This module proposes a rehearsal of the Journey thanks to a series of Metaphors and Maps for Transformational Conversations - at each step - and shifts in the way participants think, feel, speak, and act. The main metaphor being our exclusive approach of "Jazz as a new Art and ethic of Collaboration".

Based on the elements acquired during the previous sessions, the promise of this workshop is on developing the conscious capacities needed to become a "HIGH Hopener".

i.e. able to understand reflect and apply the "Jamming Together" concepts and principles in a transformative strategy and projects in NO MAD LAND, working on 4 Arts

  1. The Art of STRATEGY AS/AND Improvisation (versus Control), as Creativity in real time, as Love, Dialogue and Collaboration (versus war)
  2. The Art of Being: Ego-less and effortless Mastery, Activating the Soul Compass and Inner Rightness, having an Helicopter view yet not detached from Reality, Going to the essence of things, moving from self-image to real Self, Narrowing the space between deep Intention and Action, Daring Spontaneity and Simplicity, Communicating with courage, clarity and focus, practicing Gift Conversation, Dialogue and the Art of finding Common Ground, building Trust and Truth
  3. The Art of Cristallisation and Impact
  4. The Art of creatively "dissolving" Dilemmas: making the Transition Path visible and actionable
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