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The Shapership Academi

Alternatives + Creativity + Aspirations + Desire + Education + Movements + Imagination

A transformative Education Experience for Shapers of the Future
The Academi offers a 100% "eclectic" vehicle to move from MAD Land to NO-MAD Land

The Shapership Academi is an original Education and "Mind Shifting" experience offering participants, joining as individuals or "teams", the opportunity to learn and practice a vital 21st century Competency:

Shapership: the Art of Shaping the Future.

In its essence, Shapership is a way to face Reality "as it is" and "as it could be " in creative, visionary and sometimes revolutionary ways, to make alternative and meaningful Futures desirable, visible, and actionable. It is opening up new paths to the Future and transforming Society for the better.

The Shapership Academi is designed for purpose-driven people of all ages and professions who aspire to make inner shifts in Awareness and in Thinking to open new paths towards a desirable Future rather than just fixing what's failing in the Present.
In a series of 5 x 2-day workshops (10 days total over a period of 5 months), participants will journey through a process named "GO from EGO to ECO" .
Based on the principles developed in our book and on our extensive practice, the Shapership Academi offers participants a unique space of Hope and Imagination to sharpen their skills and learn in practice the vital Mindsets and skillsets of the Future.

Why the Academi?
Because it is vital to shift from the "Nostalgia" to the "Erotica" of the Future, what we call "the Next Appeal" !
The Butterfly Imperative

What is happening in the world today is similar to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a Butterfly: the breakdown of an existing voracious civilization and the simultaneous potential birth of a new viable civilization for the Future.

Either we consider this "falling apart" as "Apocalypse now" - the end of the world -

Or we put our energy in imagining and Shaping aradically different viable and desirable Future: this is No Apocalypse, Not Now.

The key rests in the way we look at the world.

Many people have told us: We know the Future we don't want, but we don't know how to build the Future we want. Some even don't believe they have a Future. By lack of Imagination, they fall into despair, cynicism and what we call "the Nostalgia of the Future": a poetic awareness of a Future forever gone.
So, we decided to create the Shapership Academi, a unique space of Imagination, Wisdom and Hope, crafted to think radical (back to the essence), big and differently about the way they see the world and how they want to contribute to its Transformation.

The Academi's mission is to help fill the knowledge / action gap that exists between knowing we are facing the collapse of an "old" world and knowing how to shape a new one.

It is a 100% "eclectic" vehicle to move from "MAD Land" (generating Massive Assured Destruction) to "NO-MAD Land" (fostering Mutually Assured Development).

Getting to NO-MAD Land requires more than just recognizing a world we want less off or trying to "solve" current problems within the same paradigm. Viable and exciting Futures depend on our ability to escape from today's paradigms and refresh our mental maps to creatively shape new landscapes.

The Shapership Academi answers the Butterfly imperative: activate the creative Thinking and Imagination needed to give birth to alternative stories of the Future that generate the Desire to move forward.
It is designed to empower Transformative Visions, Dreams, Utopias and turn them into strategies. Instead of focusing on a dying MAD world, participants learn to actively participate in envisioning, prototyping and shaping a viable and desirable NO MAD Land.
That "irresistible attraction for the Future" can create "the Next Appeal" and contribute to shift from the "Nostalgia" to the "Erotica of the Future".

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A word from the Shapership Academi's Godfather
"To survive the chaotic transition period we are traversing, moving from caterpillar to butterfly stage, we have to change collectively, as local, national and planetary citizens; we have to change relationally, learning to cooperate cosmo-locally; and we have to change individually, as we move from ego to eco. We are not fully born with these skills, we learn them, and to learn them, we need skilled mentors and facilitators, who have an understanding of all these levels at the same time.
These people are rare, but you will find them in the amazing people of Shapership. Look no further to find peers in this journey.
Shapership is an invaluable commons of capabilities and experiences."
Michel Bauwens
Founder of the Peer to Peer Foundation, Author, Researcher, One of the most influential personalities of the 21st Century.
What you will learn
The Academi's promise: More Imagination, More Courage, more Freedom
for a Journey of Hope to help you "GO DO GOOD" in the world
The Butterfly Imperative

The Academi is focused on the "de-envelopment" of the "Arts" - Mindsets, Attitudes and Skillsets - needed to shape the Future

The shapership Academi's promise is to activate the Opening Forces - courage, imagination, passion and hope - to participate in the shaping of a viable and desirable Future.

The Academi is there to help each Shaper-to-be think into the Future with Creativity and Imagination, boost Hope and the Confidence one can feel in one's ability to create alternative Futures, make the choices and internal shifts needed to better live one's life according to one's deepest desires and aspirations.

The whole process will contribute to the unfolding the deep skills of Creativity, imagination, Wisdom and Reflection and help you "go do good" in the World.

The promise: what you will learn

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