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To help people collaborate and create change

Well facilitated design conversations about the Future

We face system issues that require "system solutions". In others words: true collaboration and collective intelligence to create change versus the serious risk of Collective Stupidity and status quo.

If we want to create a radically different Future, we need to change HOW we think and WHAT we think. Especially how we think together.

‍That requires multi-stakeholders groups facilitation which removes the obstacles to meaningful contributions, collective sense making, heart felt synergies and creative breakthroughs.

We design and facilitate transformative, explorative and structured conversations about the Future which create space for true collaboration and change. They are designed for groups, networks or communities who wish to explore a theme, an issue, a challenge or an opportunity with the Imagination, bold thinking and Creativity needed to  make an impact.

Deliverables: Changing the way we think and the way we think together, developing clarity of focus and purpose, transforming ideas into real practices to drive meaningful action.  

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Creating the "Mayonnaise effect"
Removing obstacles to collaborative change

Collective Creative Intelligence is needed.

How can we make the "mayonnaise" that will lead to the creation of new Knowledge and Value, thus true Collective Intelligence?
What can be done to avoid the serious risk of Collective Stupidity and all the traps that lead there: Ego and Power Battles, lack of Listening and Dialogue, absence of Shared Focus, Territorial Conflicts, fights for Positions and difficulties to change Perspectives, lack of Imagination, Competition, Fear of Losing etc.?

What is in the way?

  • Our Thinking habits are too judgment-based and not enough Design-based
  • Our current Thinking is dominated by critical and adversarial Thinking, the mode of discussion thus revolving around argumentation with the purpose to "defend" the truth and "defeat" the opponent
  • In terms of "collaboration", It results in too numerous, too long, non-productive discussions, dominated by "Ego battles" and focusing more status quo than on Learning, Change or Innovation

It requires Shifts in Perspectives: we need to individually and collectively transform the "microcosm between our ears" - our assumptions,  a priori, perceptions, and  the "stories" that shape our lives - to have the type of good conversations that can change the way we shape the "macrocosm" together.

An article about a priori
The Ecology of good conversations
Holding the Space as well as creating "deep" shifts in perspectives to unlock the Future

We design and facilitate Transformative, explorative and structured conversations about the Future.
These conversations are designed and facilitated to precisely create and HOLD THE SPACE for true and creative Collaborative Intelligence, collective Exploration and Visioning.
They lead to meaningful contributions, collective sense making, heart felt synergies and creative breakthroughs.
How can that happen, especially in multi-stakeholders groups with no hierarchical relationships?

Thanks to ecology of the conversation: a series of conscious and voluntary shifts in Minds anyone does during the conversations.

We have at heart to remove the obstacles and to drive everyone to adopt new Mindsets for completely different "outputs": we call it the Altitude Attitude (the DNA of Shapership).

  • taking a helicopter view - yet not detached from the Reality - and adopt a vantage point to change our mental Maps and the Landscape they allow us to see
  • Connecting and opening Vision, Heart and Guts: connecting an open Mind (Curiosity), open Heart (Compassion), and open Will (Courage) as opposed to closed Mind (Stuck in one view), closed Heart (stuck in one skin) and closed Will (Fear)
  • Adopting Radical (back to the roots) Thinking: Radical Authenticity, Creative Imagination and Unconventional Wisdom.

From Altitude, comes new directions: new options, new possibilities, a new life.
This allows anyone to safely transform how and what they think, to consciously adopt flexible perspectives rather than rigid positions, to jump into the unknown, to "think big" and different about the way they see the world and how they want to contribute to its Transformation.

As a result, anyone can consciously make the three necessary shifts to give life to Shapership and unlock the Future.

  • A shift in Thinking; moving from Linear and Analytical Thinking, centred on Ego, to Complex, constructive Creative Thinking, organized on real Eco-system issues.
  • A shift in Intentions: moving from the Desire to preserve the Past to the Desire to shape the Future and to make a difference.
  • A shift in Emotions: moving from the Fear and Despair to Hope, Desire.

Rehearsing the Future

Here are a few conversations about the Future we can design and facilitate for you

Participants will work in groups and/or communities to sense and tackle important issues of our time and create Transformative Innovation - demonstrating competence in practice.
This is Shapership as a Group practice to change the stories that shape our lives so we can change the way we shape the world. Each conversation is a rehearsal of the Future.

A collaborative world-issues

This conversation about Sustainability and Resilience is designed for groups wanting to place their activity into the view of current global challenges and the Regenerative Paradigm This is designed to enable people to share their thinking in a joined-up way that avoids the narrowness of conventional approaches. A group play their way into the complexity and discover how shared intuitions can make rapid progress in appreciating a whole system view.

Compact and customised guided rehearsals of your Future

A 3 hours customised session on a subject of your choice to think into the Future with imagination and open radically new paths.

Opening the space for transformative Innovation

Based on a simple and intuitive Forecasting process, this Future Conversation allows to understand multiple Perspectives about the Future, navigate Uncertainties, open radically new spaces Innovation and build the Future on dreams, Aspirations, Values and Hopes.

  • Reach Common Ground and build shared perceptions on the current situation, the long term viability (or Obsolete Future) of your approaches, the issues you need to tackle, the Ecosystem you navigate in.
  • Practice the Art of the Long view: broaden your perspectives and develop a Transformative Vision, in tune with the issues of our time, as a meaningful Future Aspiration.
  • See that the Future is already here: find Inspiration in the present, discover seeds of the Future.
  • Open up a space for Transformative innovations.
  • Design a Shaping Strategy and a portfolio of innovation, visionary initiatives and actions allowing to navigate the transition, with a mature perspective that accepts the need to "keep the plane in the air whilst redesigning it".
  • Take efficient Action as of tomorrow morning.
What's in a B?
From Roadmapping to Broadmapping

Reframing " Mental Maps" to Shape the Landscape: an individual and group narrative coaching ignited by a powerful Metaphor and Game which offers new points of view to shape the Future everyday.

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You are welcome to make contact if you wish to have a conversation and meet us. We are friendly, funny, informal and professional!
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Let's connect
for a customised approach

You are welcome to make contact if you wish to have a conversation and meet us. We are friendly, funny, informal and professional!

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