Why this concept?

Shapership answers the vital need to move from "Apocalypse Now" to "No Apocalypse, Not Now", from the "Nostalgia" to the "Erotica" of the Future

The world out there seems to be going crazy. What are we looking at?
A world is collapsing while another is emerging right before our eyes. It is similar to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a Butterfly: the breakdown of an existing voracious civilization and the simultaneous potential birth of a new viable civilization for the Future.

"We are living not in an era of Change, but in a change of Era."
Jan Rotmans, professor of transition studies and sustainability
Confronted with all that, we can look at the situation in two very different ways which generate very different emotions

The end of the world which generates a "Nostalgia of the Future": a poetic awareness of the Future, forever gone.


An aspiration for a more beautiful world which creates the "Erotica of the Future", an irresistible desire and attraction towards the Future.

Either, we remain prisoners of Regression forces:
Fear, Egos, Lack of Imagination, Despair, Fatalism and a craving for Certainty - which supersede the desire to move forward and generate the risk of our going back to "more of the same", Autoritarism, Polarisations and Exclusions.

Or we are guided by the Opening forces we carry within ourselves, such as:
Courage, Hope, Creative Energy, Imagi-nation, which may drive us to shape a different, desirable and viable Future.

The key rests in the way we look at the world, in other words, in our capacity to Map our Mental Maps and the landscapes they allow us to see.
"Be careful about the Present you create because it must look like the Future you dream of."
Proverb from a Collective of Women in Bolivia

The Future we imagine is the Cause of the Present we live in. It shapes the meaning of our life and the decisions we make Today.

But we are currently going through an immense crisis of Imagination and perception.

As Jonathan Crary describes in "Capitalism 24/7", an entire generation and in fact the entire world, have lost their capacity to dream.

It is now easier to imagine the end of the word than the end of Capitalism.
Frederic Jameson

In an era where a word unpolluted by Bullshit comes as a surprise, we need to recognise that our inability to imagine a Future that is different from the Present is catastrophic!
It leads to Fear, Despair, Cynicism, even to Violence and to the endless Repetition of the S.O.S - Same Old (short-term) Solutions (the official version being Same Old Shit)- which pretend to solve problems using the same old obsolete paradigm. The kind of attitude that leads the ostrich to bury its head in the sand!

Without Imagination, Hope vasnishes. We remain stuck in the dominant worldviews:
the story of Scarcity, Separation, Competition, Efficiency, Infinite Growth, Power over others, etc.

We need to escape those regression forces by creating alternative Meaning-Making stories of the Future that resonate with our deepest Aspirations and provide actionable guides to a viable Human Future. Narratives able to generate a passionate desire for the Future. What we call an "Erotica of the Future", a "Next-Appeal" if you will.

The key rests in the way we look at the world.

It's about daring to DREAM because dreaming the Future can create the Future. We may have no idea how to do it. But somehow, thanks to a Vision, we make the impossible possible.

In the face of the enormity of the changes needed, we must continue to dream about the world we want to create. Only by setting that horizon, can we create a world that is truly better than the one we live in today.

It's "now" o'clock!

Now, more than ever, we need to imagine our way out of the unimaginable.

What the world needs is not "better" solutions but radically new solutions, shapes, perspecti-ves and approaches.

Now, is a moment in time.

We need to make a wise move: from Mad Land to NO-Mad Land. It is a secret for no one that our current world is going MAD. More exactly, the way we live on this planet is leading us to Mutually Assured Destruction. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and depressed by this situation. What we propose is something else: a place of Hope, Wisdom, Imagination and Desire to build a NO-MAD World based on Mutually Assisted Development.

We need a Vision. Lets say it: we need a UTOPIAN Vision of a radically different Future which can Open new meaningful and hopefull paths. This NO WHERE will change our present, NOW HERE.

Where there is no vision of a desirable Future, people die, confined in an "eternal Present". As Jean-Pierre Goux (President and founder of "One Home") says:

"The answer to this collective pessimism is to imagine desirable futures. We need both a vision of a Future where crises are solved, and a tactical mind, aware of the way Society works and the foibles and springs of human kind."

The best way to predict the Future is to create it.
That's what we are here to do.

All power to the Imagination.

"Utopia is not the unattainable, but the unrealized."
Theodore Monod
Shapership answers the need to build the Future on Imagination, Desire, Hope and Radical Wisdom, to resist Stupidity, Fear, Despair and Violence

Shapership stands for "more Imagination, more Courage, more Freedom, to create the Next Appeal: the "Erotica" of the Future.
Because our wisest decisions are made from Choice, Desire and Hope rather than from Obligation, Fear and Despair.
Because Thinking is resisting and escaping everything that maintains us in our "prisons" or in the cave of our representations: Denial, Ignorance, Dogmatism, Conformism, Fatalism and blind Rationalism.
Because putting Imagination at work is resisting the Repetition of the Past, Hopelessness, Fear and Cynicism. It is opening the "possibility of new possibilities".

Shapership is for you if instead of focusing on repairing or fixing a dying MAD Land, you aspire to boost your Imagination, develop the Mindsets of the Future and actively shape a viable and desirable NO MAD Future within your family, your communities, your organizations, your "territories" or your field of practice.

A radically different Meaning-making story of the Future, based on genuinely different worldviews, in tune with your deepest Aspirations and Hopes.

We cannot wait for some "enlightened" Leaders to make those changes

We have reached a time when many people "at the top" want to retain Power although they cruelly lack the needed "Authority", inspiring Vision, Wisdom and Awareness. For many reasons, these people tackle an Eco-System Reality with an Ego-System Perspective.

Many people - and among them some really young people - aspire to change the world in radical and transformative ways. They know our ways of Life - and our ways to destroy Life - must make place for other ways to See, Think and Act instead of keeping conforming to obsolete models. Shapership can help them think and act more appropriately about themselves and the world they want to co-create.
The fact is, in today's interconnected world:

  • you don't have to be a Leader or to have a "title" to do something important and to make an impact
  • you don't have to be someone "important" to take a stand and reshape things

Who knows best what you should do?
Your soul compass

Are you among the purpose-driven people who "know" our ways of Life - and to destroy Life - must make place for other ways to see, think and act? Do you also feel, in your heart, an aspiration to live a meaningful Life, in tunes with your aspirations and values?

This is the Shapership Attitude. It rises from your inner Consciousness and "Soul Compass" which "know":

  • that instead of keeping conforming to obsolete models and dominant worldviews, there is a need to challenge and resist the "way things are". We call it "The Big No: Creative Resistance"
  • that another and more beautiful "world" is possible, that "what is possible is richer than what is." This is "The Big Yes: the Transformative Vision", which opens new paths towards the Future
  • that a transformative Vision calls for transformative actions and that it will require courage to completely reinvent the way things operate, to shift from one paradigm to another. We call it the "Creative How: Anticipative Experimentation".
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