Strategic Futuring

Transformative visions and strategies to actively shape the Future in a world full of possibilities

The question is not "about the Future", it is how we think about the Future to make key strategic decisions today.
We help you think into the unknown Future with radical Imagination, expanded perspectives, bold Thinking and Serious Creativity. This opens completely new mental and concrete spaces for Innovation and helps to build the Future on Lucidity as well as on Transformative Visions, Dreams, Aspirations and Values.
It takes Vision to be realist.

It demands new Maps to create meaning and navigate new Landscapes.

Deliverables: strategy as a "meaning making story", a series of new and shared Mental Maps to make key strategic choices and actively Shape the Landscape.

Let the Future you imagine and desire be your strategic guide. Starting today.

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"Futuring" is the next Strategy
Futuring allows to think long-term about an unknown Future, to navigate uncertainties, to make sense of a Landscape of Change, to adopt wide angle Perspectives on Future possibilities and to act today

We propose new ways to think about a different, yet unknown Future. Because how humans think limits what they think. Our whole way of Seeing and Thinking have to be renovated from inside out.
We design and facilitate Future strategic conversations to create a shared meaning-making Vision of what your Future could be and the ways to make it happen.
Based on our extensive know-how, we use simple and intuitive forecasting processes associated with creative methods to generate "Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action", broaden your perspectives,  unlock your imagination, develop Future Awareness and structure qualitative Thinking about the (unknown) Future. This is Strategy as Dialogue and Discovery versus Strategy as Analysis. Our work is designed to allow decision-makers to form better "perceptions" that lead to better decisions and Meaningful Innovation in times of great Uncertainty. Strategic Futuring is about reshaping your Mental Maps to help you make today the strategic choices that will lead you to actively shape your Future(s).

We help you build an exciting, viable and prosperous Future in a new paradigm, instead of doing "more of the same"
What Paradigm?

It is not about Resilience.

It is about Regeneration, i.e. making business Life enhancing, focused on system "solutions" in an ecosystem of cooperation and co-creation, rather than being focused on market share, competition, extractive of Value from people, planet and places.

"We don't live an era of Change but a change of Era."
Professor Jan Rotman

Most of the vast economical, educationaland political infrastructures we have created are NOT FIT for the Future: theyare based on assumptions and values that are increasingly incompatible with the real nature of Life on Earth and the fulfillment of human potential.
Companies have to look for novel ways to make sense in a post covid time; there is a need for radical solutions - not just incremental. It is time for radical strategic redirection and transformative Innovation.

Instead of "reorganizing the furniture in the same room", many organisations need to reinvent the room and, in many instances, the building itself!

It's "Now" o-clock!

"NOW" is a moment in time for each of us, whether in Business and/or Life, to raise good questions and make wise decisions. We need to decide what kind of Future we want and act as if our lives depended on it. Because they do.

"We cannot predict the Future, but we can co-create a healthier Future through appropriate design decisions informed by the integral wisdom of multiple Perspectives."
Daniel Christian Wahl


New approaches to Strategy in an unpredictable and unknown Future

Strategic Futuring is the answer to better anticipate and deal with Uncertainty, while building Agency.
We design and facilitate "Journeys into the unknown Future", supported by a unique combination of State-of-the-Art methods and "lenses". We use a Fusion of Imagination, Serious Creativity, Scenario Thinking and Strategy for a more relevant type of Strategic Thinking. The type of audacious and vanguard Thinking that can "Get you to Next".

‍This allows to experiment Strategy in a completely new and fun way, avoiding the narrowness of conventional approaches.

Strategy as Innovation and Discovery rather than Strategy as Analysis

Complex problems demand highly creative options, good direction setting, a set of new Business models, and guiding rules, not rigid plans.

Strategy as collaborative Dialogue and Meaning-making

We build shared languages and perceptions to avoid unproductive debate and "Blah Blah", create "meaning-making stories", partnerships, sustainable Changes and agreements for Action.

Strategy as Ecosystem approach

In a world of interdependencies, a vital need is to match your Strategy with your Ecosystem reality.  A wide angle perspectives focused on creating value for all is better than focusing on execution alone.

Our method is based on the awareness of a fact:  the Future can't be controlled, yet we can build our capacity for transformative responses.

Strategic Futuring is the alternative to traditional strategic processes which are based on analysis and linear Thinking. They generally lead to forecasting, incremental Innovation, and commoditized Strategies unfit to cope with the wicked problems and the uncertainties we face.

Strategic Futuring helps teams reinvent their Business, their Strategies and also the way to build them in an unstable world.

It is the Art of Re-perception based on Foresight.

It means recognizing that Life will change, must change and has changed and it suggests how and why. It shows that old perceptions and assumptions have lost their validity while new ones are possible and needed to navigate an uncertain world.

Strategic Futuring is based on our core expertise
Shits in Mind for Shits in Action

90 % of errors in decisions are due to errors in perceptions.

No one can take wise decisions and create the Future starting from obsolete "mental maps". This has nothing to do with "intelligence", but:

  • with a crisis of Perception: the inability to see an emerging novel reality by being locked inside obsolete assumptions or business paradigm
  • and a crisis of Imagination: the incapacity to open up transformative visions to create today a viable Future in a new paradigm

The key rests in the way we look at the world. It is our capacity to create these deep Shifts in Minds that enabled us to successfully help dozens of teams to shape their Future. Instead of leaving people trapped by their assumptions, worldviews and definitions of their "Business", markets and opportunities, we allow them to challenge their ways of Seeing, to reinvent their approaches and to switch from Renovation (Businessas Usual) to Transformative Innovation (Businessas UNusual).


A series of new and shared Mental Maps to navigate and actively, see, sense, make sense, seize and shape the Landscape

The whole Thinking process allows to make today the best strategic choices to actively shape the Strategic Landscape. Here are the new maps you can expect:

  • The Current situation Map
  • The Strategic Landscape and Foresight Maps: the Big Picture view on the Ecosystem you navigate in, the shifts happening outside and the issues you need to tackle
  • The Demand Landscape and Opportunities Map (where could you "play"?):     shared perceptions of the issues you need to tackle, the opportunities for transformative action as well as for creating Customer Advantage
  • The Possibilities Map (how could you "prosper"?): "Out-of-the-Box"possibilities, potential growth platforms, entirely new strategic options (Value propositions in action), the next Wealth-creating strategic initiatives, alternative Future Scenarios, truly innovative and radically new approaches to Value-creation, dramatically different Business models
  • The Vision Map: the choice of a common and meaningful Orientation which answers Aspiration, gives purpose and Direction, in tune with the imperatives of our times and your customers challenges. It include sthe sweet spot and pockets of the Future that give you inspiration
  • The Portfolio of Innovation: the landscape of Innovation, transformative Initiatives, and visionary Actions needed to tilt the system and collectively move towards your viable Future, with a mature perspective that accepts to keep the plane in the air whilst redesigning it
  • The Strategic Blue Print Map: rehearsing the Future, buildingstrategic options and their successful deployment based on shared workinghypothesis and key decisions
  • The Action Maps: the place for agreement and alignment for action that can lead to sustained and positive Change. What is needed is a flexible transformation strategy that pulls you away from the idea that progress is about solving the problems of the Past. Then, indeed, it's Jazz: "Jamming Together", a kind of collective improvisation guided by "desire"
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The secret to make strategy come alive
Providing the space for a complete shift in Awareness and Thinking

Now is the time for wise decisions. Making choices is very emotional, it is taking a stand with integrity. It requires Vision, Heart and guts.

This is best done with an open Mind (Curiosity), open Heart (Compassion), and open Will (Courage) as opposed to closed Mind (Stuck in one view), closed Heart (stuck in one skin) and closed Will (Fear).

Presencing rather than Absencing. Co-creating rather than destroying.

Our strategic conversations are designed and facilitated to precisely create and HOLD THE SPACE anyone needs to open and connect Body, Mind and "Soul".

‍We have at heart to avoid a series of "traps" and to adopt the right mindsets for completely different "outputs": integrity, radical Thinking and wise decisions.

What we want to avoid: the old separation between Vision and Action, Mind and Matter, Head and Handswhich generates "Bullshit Statements", abstract strategies and "rigid plans" in which extrapolated data helps explain the Future, giving the illusion of control but toothless in the face of unpredictable forces.

What we promote: "The Altitude Attitude" (the DNA of Shapership). an integrity of being based on connecting Body +Mind + "Soul", taking a helicopter view - yet not detached from the Reality and adopting Radical (back to the roots) Thinking.
This leads to the Radical Authenticity, Creative Imagination and Unconventional Wisdom so much needed for key and wise strategics choices.
It drives you transform how and what you think, to adopt flexible perspectives rather thanrigid positions, to jump into the unknown, to "think big" and different about the way you see the world and how you want to contribute toits Transformation.
Guided by the grounded Reality of what is being called for, aswell as by a meaningful purpose larger than yourself, you can design strategicnarratives  for change which are creating robustness and flexibility.

See DNA of Shapership
"No one can predict the Future. All we can do is choose our contribution to the circumstances out of which the Future will take its shape."
Art Kleiner

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