How do we see teaching and learning? Shifting from "Learning as usual" to "Learning as unusual": Transformative Learning

The method is transformative: the Learning experience seeks to ignite Imagination, Hope, Freedom, Pride, Dignity of all those who participate.

Our workshops are designed to foster personal and collective transformation.
The idea is not to provide only some adjustments within the dominant paradigm of thinking or organising work, commerce and social life.

We don't just provide knowledge but the Education of the whole person - considering the word in its etymologic sense: Exducere = to lead outside the beaten paths.

We are moving from "Learning as Usual" to "Learning as Unusual" which is

  • focused on Imagination
  • Emergent Learning
  • Paradigm shifts, the update of the basic beliefs and values that guide our actions and how we make sense of our world, transforming what we think and how we think
  • engaging the whole person (Body, Heart and Soul)
  • connecting global and personal challenges, moving from Ego to ECO consciousness
  • and essentially drawing on our innate capacity to act according to our deepest Aspirations and Hopes, which is more than the satisfaction of our NEEDS or our fear not to have enough

The Shapership Academi answers the Paradigm Shift Imperative: a non-academic curriculum designed in a nonlinear way.
The curriculum is based on the principles we developed in our book "Shapership: the Art of Shaping the Future" (soon republished in English by Triarchy Press) and on our extensive practice in companies and communities of project.
The "programme" itself is a mix of Structure and Freedom or Improvisation. Because "All learning is doing" and "All doing is learning", all the workshops are structured around fluid sequences alternating between Action (experimentation stream) and Vision (meaning making and teaching stream), enlivened by peer-to-peer learning, fieldwork and other methods. Our approach is Holistic, transformative, experiential and co-creative.

This transformative approach is designed to create the conditions needed to unfold the deep skills of Creativity, imagination, Wisdom and Reflection and help you "go do good" in the World.

The Mayonnaise effect
The programme is the careful articulation of the "ingredients" needed to make the "Art of Shaping the Future" emerge

We use tools and methods but we intend to help participants develop an "Art".
Like a Mayonnaise is the combination of various elements which generates more Value than the sum of the parts, the Academi generates a specific "Mayonnaise effect".
The program is the careful articulation of five workshops, each of them being an association of Methods, Lenses, Metaphors and Tools, which reinforce each other to make "The Art of shaping the Future" emerge as a whole "way of Being, Seeing and Acting".

A non-academic curriculum, designed in a non-linear way

The Shapership Academi answers the Paradigm Shift Imperative

  • ‍The specific "Mayonnaise effect".
  • The ingredients of each workshop are the Shapership Academi 16 CORE and OTHER Lenses, Metaphors, Methods, Points of view, Processes and Tools which support the Learning Process
  • Each workshop is a specific Mayonnaise: the association of selected "ingredients" around a specific theme to make specific competences emerge and interact.
  • The Academi's "Go From EGO to ECO" programmes are the careful articulation of selected ingredients, carefully crafted in a series of workshops - Five for the Full version- which reinforce each other to make the Art of shaping the Future" emerge as a whole "way of being, seeing and acting", a combination of "deep skills"

You will equip yourself with transformative State-of-the-Art Creative Thinking, Forecasting and Conversation practices that open doors to infinite possibilities, radically different Visions and bring more Depth, Altitude, Imagination, Hope, Humanity, and Freedom to your personal and professional life.
The curriculum is based on disciplines and approaches generally ignored by Universities and traditional Business Schools.
It is based on the principles developed in our book "Shapership: the Art of Shaping the Future" and on our 30+ year practice of making alternative stories of the Future visible and actionable for companies, organisations and communities of work.

Academi with an I

ACADEMI is spelled that way because each letter has a specific meaning and stands for

A lternatives versus Alternative
C reativity versus Conformity
A spirations versus Fatalisation
D esire versus Dispair
E ducation versus Formating
M ovements versus Status Quo
I magination versus Renovation

How can you learn the Art of Shaping the Future?
By rehearsing it!

The workshops are "Rehearsal spaces": opportunities for each person to safely transform what they think and how they think, learning in the presence of others.
Thanks to a series of metaphors and maps for Transformational Gift Conversations, each workshop invites participants to a Rehearsal of the Future: individually and collectively making visible the taken for granted ideas as well as alternative stories of the Future they want in line with their Dreams, Hopes, Aspirations versus "fixing the problem".

Our workshops are live, interactive, not based on pre-recorded video lectures. They are limited to small groups of 20 participants to ensure dynamic and profound interactions. They are different from a usual webinar or course lecture. The interaction includes elements of visual facilitation and requires continuous visual presence for participation in discussions.

To ensure your participation, please apply now! Seeing and Acting".

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