What is Shapership?

Shapership: a word to open new worlds, a concept and a practice
The Art of making the Future desirable, viable and actionable.

Shapership is a new concept associating

  • "Shaping" (as in "shaping a diamond")
  • and "Ship" (meaning "a skill", as "craftsmanship" means a skill in a particular craft)

Shapership is the Art of shaping the Future: the Art of shaping new Realities, opening up new paths to the Future and transforming Society for the better. In its essence, it is making alternative and meaningful Futures visible, desirable and actionable.

Why this new concept?

Amidst all the diverse opinions in our world at the moment, most people agree on one thing: we will not be able to solve 21st century issues with 19th and 20th centuries ways of Thinking and acting. The inherited vocabulary around Leadership, Entrepreneurship and the "windows" it opens in our minds are no longer adapted to help us adequately face the complex challenges of our times. Shapership opens more appropriate perspectives.

Shapership is neither Leadership, nor Entrepreneurship. Even if connections exist, of course, and if mutual enrichments can be achieved.

At the core of Shapership, lies a shift in Awareness and Thinking: a completely different way of Being, Seeing and Acting to give new shapes to the World and to Society.

Shapership is a capacity anyone anywhere in the world possesses, as soon as he/she poses a fresh look at "Reality as it is" and at "Reality as it could be".

It is based on a fundamental attitude and aptitude to "see" what is possible, beyond "what is". It emerges from the simple consciousness - "belief" or "Vision" - that another "world" is possible, that "what is possible is richer than what is".

Shapership means facing Reality in fresh, creative, visionary and sometimes revolutionary ways

  • with a clear acknowledgment that the current "Reality as it is" needs to be challenged. That status quo must be resisted. We call it the Creative Resistance or the Big "No"
  • with a radically different Future in Mind: a Transformative Vision of Reality as it "could" be, filled with possibilities that would better serve Life. That's the Big "Yes"
  • with the courage to move into "Anticipative experimentation": perfectly connected and aligned transformative innovations and visionary initiatives, making the "Transition" path visible and actionable. That's the creative How

Shapership is having this enlarged Perception or Vision of what we call "Reality". It means adopting vanguard lenses and paradigm shifting visions, making a creative reconstruction of what we commonly accept as "normal".

Shapership is a "Utopia in action"

Radical Thinking and Imagination to open up new paths to the Future and have a transformative impact on Society.

It is an invitation to a journey from MAD Land (leading to Massive Assured Destruction) to NO MAD Land (leading to Mutually Assured Development).

Shapership operates from a new level of Consciousness, way beyond Ego-awareness.  

It opens meaningful and progress-generating trails for the whole human "Eco-system" that people may decide to follow.

Shapership can help to think more appropriately about the Future and about the way each of us - regardless of origin, gender, race, country, educational level, status, domain of expertise, social group or Culture, - want to become a Shaper of the Future or to add certain dimensions of Shapership to their current existence.

The fact is, in today's interconnected world, you don't have to be a Leader or to have
a "title" to take a stand, do something important and to make an impact on Society.

The key rests in the way we look at the world.

It is time to reverse the traditional way of looking at things, attributed to Saint Thomas:"I only believe what I see"." I see what I believe" is much more appropriate.Above all, Shapership is a way to "look" at the world, completely aware that "the eye only sees what the brain is ready to understand", thus that we have the power and freedom to change our "Reality".
Shapership stands for building the Future on Imagination, Desire, Hope and Radical Wisdom, to resist Stupidity, Fear, Despair and Violence
Our book
Your current glasses may distort your Vision of the Future
Shapership is the power and freedom to change the Stories that shape our Life, so we can change the way we shape the Future

It is not about the things we look at. It is about the way we look at things.

We never see "Reality" as it is, we see it through our own lenses: our worldviews, beliefs, assumptions, perceptions.

In other words, what we call "Reality" is our own creation, a series of meaning-making stories we tell ourselves. These are our Maps.

Our "Mental maps" are not THE "Landscape" but they define how we shape
the landscape.

The stories we create "write" our lives. They shape the way we see ourselves, what we believe is "true" , "good" and "possible".

They shape the way we see our Future, thus the decisions and actions we make today and the way in which, each of us, participate in maintaining the status quo or shaping a new world, based on genuinely different worldviews.

As Einstein famously said

"The world we have created is a product of our thought.
We cannot change it without changing our Thinking."

Indeed, the visible Landscape outside is the "mirror" of the invisible Landscape of our "mental MAPS.
So, at the core of Shapership is this simple idea: If we want to change our "Reality", we need to change how we think and what we think.
We need to change the "stories" that shape our lives to become capable of changing the way we shape our world.
The key rests in the way we look at the world. In other words, in our capacity to map our mental maps and the Landscape they allow us to "see".

Why this concept?
What can Shapership bring you?
The Altitude Attitude: Radical Thinking and Imagination that aim to have
a transformative impact on Reality.

The question is not "about the Future", it is how we THINK about the Future.

As an Utopia in action, Shapership allows to make transformative meaning-making stories of the Future visible, desirable and actionable.

It can bring you the capacity to reshape your maps so you can actively shape the landscape. Shapership can help you become an "I Opener", an "Eye Opener" , an "Eye Hopener" and a "High Hopener", able

  • to think BIG and radically DIFFERENT
  • to consciously try new points of views to transform the way you see the world
    and your place in it
  • to put your Imagination, Inspirations and Aspirations at the service of your Life
    and Life in general!
It's about daring to DREAM because dreaming the Future can create the Future. We may have no idea how to do it. But somehow, thanks to a Vision, we make the impossible possible.

In the face of the enormity of the changes needed, we must continue to dream about the world we want to create. Only by setting that horizon, can we create a world that is truly better than the one we live in today.

See more about the reason Why?
How does Shapership happen?
The Altitude Attitude: a practice that connects 3 levers for maximum impact

If you are a purpose-driven person, you probably know that our ways of Life - and our ways to destroy Life - must make place for other ways to see, think and act. You may also feel, in your heart, an aspiration to live a meaningful Life, in tune with your aspirations and values.

This is the Shapership Attitude; it rises from your inner integrity and "Soul Compass".  Now, here is how to put it in practice. We climb a metaphorical scaffold and from the top, we have new perspectives and points of view on our Present and Future "Reality".

It requires to connect 3 levers for maximum impact

  • The Big "NO" or Creative Resistance. instead of keeping conforming to obsolete models and dominant worldviews, it is seeing and challenging the "way things are", as well as recognizing our daily participation in the status quo.
  • The Big "YES", the Transformative Vision. It is seeing reality as "it could be", daring to "have a Dream": a radically different alternative which answers our Aspirations for a more beautiful world and creates Direction, Desire and HOPE. It is also finding Inspirations and seeing the pockets of the Future in the Present: concrete evidences and initiatives which show us that "what is possible is richer than what is."
  • Anticipative Experimentation: imagining the transition process that allows us to get there together. A transformative Vision calls for transformative actions and requires courage to completely reinvent the way things operate, to shift from one paradigm to another. What is needed is a flexible transformation strategy that pulls us away from the idea that progress is about solving the problems of the Past. Then, indeed, it's Jazz: "jamming together", a kind of collective improvisation guided by "desire".
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