The Big No & The Big Yes

From Mad Land to No Mad Land

"NOW" is a moment in time for each of us, whether in Business and/or Life, to raise good questions and make wise decisions. We have a fundamental choice to make: Preserve a M.A.D. world based on Mutually Assured Destruction or invent and move to a NO-M.A.D World, grounded on Mutually Assisted Development.

The Big NO to a MAD World

Shapership is for those of you, even without a Vision of a Preferred Future, say a BIG NO to M.A.D Land, leading to Massive Assured Destruction: an Ego centric world of materialism,

  • focused on Efficiency

  • driven by competition, conformism, Rationalism, pseudo Lucidity, Small Thinking and Realism "as an excuse for not trying"
  • locked in "Incremental" Innovation, driven by the Fear to lose or "lack"
  • based on Clash, Exclusion, power over and leading "wrong fights".
The Big Yes to a NO MAD World

Shapership is for purpose-driven people who aspire to create a radically different story of the Future and say a BIG YES to NO MAD Land (leading to Mutually assured development): an ECO centric world,

  • focused on resiliency, Living in harmony, Dignity and Serving the big issues of our time together thanks to Wisdom and Compassion;
  • driven by organic collaboration, imagination, Big Thinking, an expanded view of what is possible (and what it means to be human)  and our "Soul Compass", Inner rightness:
  • enthused by "transformative" Visions of a radically different Future and "alternative" stories based on Hope;
  • based on dialogue, Inclusion, Power With others (Mayonnaise, Jazz), fighting together for the "Right Causes".
"We cannot predict the Future, but we can co-create a healthier Future through appropriate design decisions informed by the integral Wisdom of multiple Perspectives."
Daniel Christian Wahl

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