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Aline Frankfort

Eye (H)opener

Provocative Creative and Strategic Thinker, Narrative Practionner, passionated by Imagination and Utopia, Artist, consultant, author, invited professor, TEDx Speaker, dyslexic enjoying to put the world upside down, inspired by her spiritual practices, Full Member of the Club of Rome, working for a better world, Aline is dedicated to open radically new and meaningful paths to a desirable future that can change the Present.

She helps people and teams reframe their mental maps, reinvent themselves and actively Shape their Futures.

Her passion since she was a child: make the Future the Cause of the Present.

She is recognized for her conceptual, creative and strategic Thinking abilities as well as her capacity to provoke "Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action".

In 1992, she founds Creative ConsulTeam, a creative and Strategic Innovation hot shop.

She designs and facilitates non-linear, inclusive, dialogue-based strategic exploration processes conceived to engage and motivate individuals and groups of all sizes and types to make deep changes in the ways they see and think. Instead of leaving them trapped by their assumptions and thinking habits, these Shifts in Minds enable teams to actively Shape their Future by allowing them to accomplish 4 movements

  1. to see and decode a World - which is largely unknown - with new lenses
  2. to sense new opportunities and emerging needs
  3. to seize them creatively and develop a Vision for the Future
  4. to shape reality in new ways

What she is best at: helping her clients to develop the vital Art of re-perception and grow their Creative Agency, i.e their capacity to live with continuous purposeful Creativity and Meaning-making, to see things with fresh eyes, to explore the unknown with imagination, navigate uncertainty with pleasure and open magical doors to Future Possibilities.

Personal conviction: The Future we imagine is the cause of the Present.

Life Long Education

(the most important being Life)

  • Graduated in Law (Free university Brussels) and Drawing (La Cambre),  
  • Accredited in 1993 by Edward dr Bono, one of the world's highest Authority on "Serious Creativity"®, as expert in the practice and teaching of the "Six Thinking Hats®" and "Lateral Thinking®". After her certification, she travels with Dr.de Bono to South Africa and Hong Kong to co-lead seminars on "Serious Creativity in Management" and "Sur/Petition®".
  • Certified in 1997 by Transformance in "Coaching and Team Building
  • Trained at MIT Sloan School of management to "Theory U: Transformational Leadership and Deep Change" in 2003 by Otto Sharmer, Adam Kahane and Peter Senge
  • Strategy and Innovation, Strategic thinking, Scenario Thinking:  she holds 4 Executive Certificates from the M.I.T Sloan School of Management and she was certified at Oxford said Business School in "Strategic Planning and Strategic reframing")
  • Design Thinking: design driven Innovation, Business Model Innovation (she is among the Co-authors of the book "Business Model Generation), storytelling
  • Blue Economy as developed by Gunter Pauli
  • Narrative Inquiry and Therapy (as developed by Michael White and David Epston): she is certified practicioner

Academic activities

  • Lecturer on "Performance Management" at the Solvay Business School in Brussels
    (IACE & IADE modules) between 1992 and 2001
  • invited Lecturer on "Serious Creativity" at ULB's Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • Invited Professor of Creativity and Innovation at the UCL (Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve)

Jean-Louis Baudoin

I Opener and High Hopener

As a "Life Raiser" and Fun Raiser", Jean-Louis embodies Serious Creativity. He loves opening new Perceptions and Possibilities, convinced that they can lead us to realise a concrete Utopia: new attitudes, new relations, new behaviors. Brotherhood and Sisterhood in Harmony.

He helps people boost their creative Mindsets and skillsets to live a lmife richer in possibilities and meaning.

Among his passions: opening new Perceptions and Possibilities, developing creative concepts and names. By the way, he is the inventor of the Concept of Shapership

His other passion: he is a confirmed Jazz Musician (double bass), and has played with people like Toots Thielemans, Nathalie Loriers, Jean-François Prins, Eric Legnini and Félix Simtaine. Using his talents and the Jazz Combo Metaphor, he conveys the Art of Collaboration in a workshop.

He embodies an original, diversified and creative life and is recognized for his openness, humor, creative genious, fantastic Storytelling abilities and sense of harmony - he has been "diagnosed" in a Thesis written at the University of Illinois as "the Third man", capable of building bridges between cultures.

After early exposure to foreign Cultures at age 17 (South Africa as Rotary Fellow and The United States the same year as American Field Service Exchange Student), he obtains a Doctorate in Law from Liège University and has then reinvented himself seven times:

  • Manager of an international student travel program designed to enable Culture exchanges
  • Award-winning copywriter (Saatchi & Saatchi, Festival de Cannes)
  • Exceptional concepts and name-finder
  • Inventor of "In-Store"', a second-hand Contemporary high-class Design store
  • "Toqued" restaurant owner
  • Expert audiovisual scenario writer
  • Coach in persuasive Presentation Skills and Negotiation

Jean-Louis has joined forces with Aline in 1992. He brings his exceptional creative talents to the world as Creative and Strategic Thinking advisor, author, invited Professor, Lecturer

What he is best at: attentively provoking movement and helping people to get out of their limits, see things with Altitude and lightness, open doors to the future as well as inventing powerful concepts and names.

Personal Dream: Contribute to making Love and Respect become Values accepted, shared and applied all over the world.

Life Long Education

  • Oral and written persuasive Communication, High level Negotiation, Storytelling
  • Efficient and Creative Thinking. Accredited in 1993 by Edward dr Bono, as expert in the practice and teaching of the "Six Thinking Hats®" and "Lateral Thinking®".
  • Strategy and Innovation: Strategic Thinking, Scenario Thinking ( Executive Certificates from the M.I.T Sloan School of Management)

Academic activities

  • Lecturer on "Performance Management" at the Solvay Business School in Brussels
  • (IACE & IADE modules) between 1992 and 2001.
  • invited Professor on "Serious Creativity" at ULB's Solvay Business School since 2008

The Art of shaping the Future(s) is our Passion!

It is also the field in which we have a wealth of experience. We help people, teams, organisations and "Communities of work" to face their challenges with the Imagination, bold thinking and Creativity needed to shape a radically different and desirable Future.We design and facilitate transformative conversations and sessions that generate "Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action" and allow them to

  • challenge and escape the "prisons" of representations
  • see things with fresh eyes
  • broaden their perspectives
  • explore the unknown with imagination
  • navigate uncertainties with pleasure
  • unlock imagination and open doors to new possibilities
  • make transformative meaning-making stories of the Future visible, desirable and actionable, rather than continuing to solve problems within the same paradigms

Both imaginative and truly informed, these narratives are based on lucid hopes and yet create Desire. What we call the Next Appeal: the "Erotica" of the Future.

All along our collaboration with our clients, we draw on the purpose-led approach we have developed, which is inspired and supported by State-of-the-Art methods we master: Serious Creativity, Lateral Thinking, Strategic and Scenario Thinking, Prospective, Regenerative approaches and Blue Economy, Cognitive Psychology, Systems Thinking, MIT Transformation Theory U and Narrative Therapy.

Among other aspects, we are known and renowned Experts in State-of-the-Art, time-tested, proven around the world Thinking methods. We use and transmit the Six Thinking Hats"® and "Lateral Thinking"® , both invented by Dr. Edward de Bono, one of the world highest authorities in the field of Creative Thinking. He accredited us as experts in the early nineties.

We have blended together Wisdom, Humour, Academia, Neuroscience, Creative lenses, Jazz, extensive Know Hows, Unorthodox Approaches and Passion to create a one-of-a-kind consultancy committed to help our clients build their Creative Agency, i.e.their capacity to create new Futures, filled with new meaning and continuous purposeful Creativity, in tune with their Aspirations and the imperatives of our times.

Our core expertise: Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action

Regenerating mental Maps to navigate and shape the Landscape

We create the space needed to safely make deep changes in the way you see, think and perceive "reality" as it is today and as it "could be" in the Future.
It is our capacity to create deep Shifts in Minds which enabled us to successfully help hundred of people and teams to make wise decisions and shape their Future.
Indeed, 90 % of errors in decisions are due to errors in perceptions. No one can take wise decisions and create the Future starting from obsolete "mental maps". This has nothing to do with "intelligence", but

  • with a crisis of perception: the inability to see an emerging novel reality by being locked inside obsolete assumptions or business paradigm.
  • and a crisis of imagination: the incapacity to open up transformative visions to create today a viable future in a new paradigm

The key rests in the way we look at the world. In other words, in our capacity to regenerate our mental maps - worldviews, beliefs, stories, perceptions - and the landscape they allow us to see.

Instead of leaving people trapped by their assumptions and worldviews, these Shifts allow them to challenge their ways of Seeing, to reinvent their approaches and to switch from Renovation (Business as Usual) to transformative Innovation (Business as UNusual).

These shift allow anyone

  • to see and decode the World with new lenses
  • to understand a world that is still largely unknown
  • to sense new opportunities, emerging needs and demands
  • to seize them creatively and develop a Vision for the Future
  • to actively Shape the world in new ways

For the Past 25 years, we have actively helped groups to

  • shape "Meaning-Making Stories" of their possible Futures based on shared mental maps and regenerated assumptions
  • reinvent their Business, their Strategies and the way they build them in unstable conditions
  • envision the next wealth-creating strategic initiatives, imagine dramatically different Business models, radically improve existing ones and disrupt their system with a Purpose
  • design and drive an innovation portfolio of Future-relevant value propositions
  • reinvent their company (Fit for the Future practices)

What our clients appreciate

The profound - not cosmetic - transformation of mindsets, Thinking and perceptions in the perspective of their pertinent contribution to the Future. They enjoy how we help them challenge old limitations, explore new possibilities, reconsider everything they know, move from EGO to ECO and GO DO GOOD for the world.

The origin of shapership, our new approach

After 20 + years of extensive experience with leading companies and organisations, we invented the concept of "Shapership", wrote a book (published in 2018 in French and English versions), assembled our various know-hows and reshuffled them into the new practices we offer.

All our activities embody our Passion for purposeful Change(s). They share a same spirit and boost the Shapership Attitude: facing Reality "as it is" and "as it could be " in creative, visionary and sometimes revolutionary ways, with Radical Authenticity, Creative Imagination and Unconventional Wisdom.

All we do has the same goal:

Our ambition is to drive as many people as possible to invest in the Future in rich and meaningful ways (full of ideas, dreams, beauty, aspirations) so that, in return, this Future can change their experience of the present and create desire: we call it the "Erotica" of the Future, the "next appeal" if you will, as opposed to the "Nostalgia of the Future" - a "poetic awareness of a Future which is forever gone".

Let the Future you imagine be the promise of a more beautiful world and your strategic Guide. Today.

Shapership stands for building the Future on Imagination, Desire, Hope and Radical Wisdom, to resist Stupidity, Fear, Despair and Violence.


  • The Corporation map, 1992, a visual metaphor of the organization as a living system " accessible for free on demand

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World-class interviews

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Global community

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Questions and answers

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Resources and guides

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What our clients say

"I have always had a problem working with consultants! This is why I really appreciate collaborating with Aline & Jean-Louis.

I like the fact that their approach is truly personal and always customized. Thanks to that approach, a dynamic of cooperation immediately sets in from the very start of any project.

Aline & Jean-Louis adapt to the tempo of the group and of the individuals in the group. Always relaxed, full of humor and provocative, they apply a structured, professional and rigorous methodology.

They manage to rapidly create a "space" at the heart of which any team can totally "own" their subject, discover new methods to think about it, feel free to generate its own solutions and draw conclusions that are naturally "bought" and applied.

The various projects I have successfully conducted with them over the past years have all delivered concrete and durable results. But, more than successful outcomes, these projects have been, thanks to them, the start of new adventures for the companies concerned, deeply transformed by a deep cultural change."

Pierre Winant, CEO, Member of the Board

"Aline Frankfort and Jean-Louis Baudoin are two peerless strategists who have been my key resources persons during the strategic repositioning exercise performed at Materia Nova, an exercise during which I was really able to discover and appreciate their added Value"

Dr. Luc Langer, General Manager, Materia Nova (Material R&D Center)

"Aline and Jean-Louis have brought us the tools and the open confrontation to make us think hard about our future, to agree amongst ourselves on the major trends and domains that will open up and our contribution to society.

They enabled our Management Team to overcome our limiting assumptions. They helped us "stretch" our Imagination with a professional, pleasant and always constructive support."

Many thanks. FYI, we just decided to launch two initiatives to continue working on two opportunities that came out of our workshops. I expect teams to get staffed on this as of the start of next year."

Filip Pintelon, CEO, Barco Medical

I had first the chance to meet Aline when she came to coach startups on their Business Model Canvas (Aline co-authored the book Business Model Generation) in a MIC Boostcamp. It was like travelling for the first time with a flying saucer when you only have been doing bicycles till there... After that first experience, Aline coached a complex value definition question on Clouds Computing with a very strong group of experts and she succeed to help that group to extract some very useful insights during a collective intelligence session she animated with brio. Thanks Aline !."

Ben Piquard, Managing Director, Micrososft Innovation Center, 2012.

"Thanks to Aline and Jean-Louis and the methods and tools they brought to our RD team,we were able to align ourselves on key strategic issues and generate a funnel of creative opportunities in a very short period of time. This ideation process under constraints is a vital capacity for any team reflecting on "why" they are there and "what" they are doing.

Highly recommended for teams ready to be challenged!"

Gery Gevers, Executive Vice President Digital Solutions at IBA, Former R&D, VP Research & Development

"The Scenario Thinking Method has allowed our two "Future Scenario Teams" to escape their traditional Thinking highways, to explore how our Strategic Landscape could evolve in unanticipated ways and, as a response to those changes, imagine how Eurocontrol's Future could unfold. We ended up with a set of 4 Strategic Narratives based on a set of fundamental decisions and actions.

They lead to strategic conversations and later, better or at least conscious choices regarding the impact we wanted to make"

Jean-Luc Garnier, Director Safety Division

"Aline and Jean-Louis are Top of the Shelf professionals. They possess the rare talent and the real expertise in changing ways of seeing, in making creative and disruptive concepts and ideas emerge from a group of people.

They also succeed thanks to their exceptional human « touch » and their capacity to create cohesion in a team which then feel "carrier" of the project and ready to make it happen and succeed."

Christian Vergeylen, CEO, ONDEX France

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