A new Paradigm in Business

An impossible Dream or a concrete Utopia?

A new Paradigm in Business

An impossible Dream or a concrete Utopia?

Radically new ways forward are possible. INSPIRING evidences prove it!

Thanks to People who dare to think BIG, to DREAM an "impossible challenge" and to make their Utopias CONCRETE".

One of our favorite examples is Ray Anderson, the CEO and founder of Interface, the world's leading carpet tile manufacturer.

A self-described "Radical Industrialist", he was touched in the heart by how human activities are overshooting the Planet. He never hesitated to declare that "One day, maybe, people like me will be put in prison for polluting so much".

That's why, as early as 1994, he went on an entrepreneurial crusade to revolutionize his company.

What he pioneered was the BIG CHALLENGE of achieving Zero Impact through a change in the business paradigm.

As he declared:

Zero footprint, expressed as reaching the top of Mount Sustainability, has been the most powerfully motivating initiative I have ever seen in 55 years of business, providing a shared higher purpose for 4,000 people. For this to take hold throughout the business world, a change in the business paradigm was needed.

Daring a Transformative Vision rather than selling a slogan

Ray Anderson did not "sell" a slogan. He said a BIG NO to "more of the same", and a BIG YES to a radically different Future.

He committed to his "impossible goal" and made purpose his bottom line. He transformed a rather dull and unattractive industry into an exciting adventure to save the planet, putting in place visionary initiatives, and transformative innovations.

Using Interface's success as proof that another Economy is possible, he hoped to inspire a new generation of Business leaders and CEOs.

In 2021, their examples and inspirations are more needed than ever.

To give us hope that what is happening in Business is more than the "corporatization of sustainability".

Because we know that a more beautiful world is possible. Seeds of the Future exists in every field, often at the margin.

We need to see more Business leaders "leading the way", using their business as proof that another economy is possible. Standing on the shoulders of giants such as Ray Anderson, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, who invented permaculture in 1970, a truly regenerative approach based on ancient wisdom and new concepts.

Wouldn't it be great to discover more examples of what it means to be a "Radical Industrialist" today? Evidences of BIG THINKING? Of new "frontiers" opening up? Of Paradigm changes embodied in the Business world?

We need Shapers of the Future, people who open up paths to radically different, desirable and viable Futures.