Your next wise move: from MAD Land to NO-MAD Land

BroadMapping, new points of view to shape the Future Everyday

It is a secret for no one that our current world is going M.A.D.! More exactly, the way we live on this planet is leading us to Mutually Assured Destruction. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and depressed by this situation. What we propose is something else: a place of Hope, Wisdom, Imagination and Desire to build a NO-MAD World based on Mutually Assured Development. We hope our map will help you to make wise choices and beneficial changes on how to move from MAD to NO-Mad Land.

“Be careful about the Present you create because it must look like the Future you dream of”.

What we believe is that, in the current historical moment we go through, each of us – in her/his Business and Life – has a choice to make: preserving the old or shaping the new. In other words, each of us can either

  • lead WRONG FIGHTS like focusing on “Having more”, on “Profit Maximization”, etc., which lead to Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)
  • foster RIGHT CAUSES, focusing on the System issues we face, imagining how to build a NO-Mad world: a more just, inclusive and sustainable Future.

Do you, in your Mind and heart, feel how IMPOSSIBLE it is to operate from both intentions at the same time? One pushes us to “operate from – and preserve – the Past”. The other really starts with our desire and drives us to “operate from the Future”. It is exactly as if we were making the choice either to “grow the caterpillar” bigger and bigger – which does not make it a Butterfly – or to support its transformation into a Butterfly. We need to be conscious and clear about our visions and intentions, because everything we decide and do starts INSIDE us.

Why Now?

We are not living an era of change but a change of era”. Professor Jan Rotmans

One world is being disrupted and declining while another, which remains quite ambiguous, is emerging and replacing it. Peter Drucker envisioned this “transition” as a “Sharp transformation”. Some call it a crisis. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Think about it for a moment. If you have a liver crisis, standard and short-term treatments – such as drinking water – will allow you to get back to the status quo. But if you have hepatitis, a liver condition, it is a rupture: no known standard remedy will allow you to get back to the “old” normal. You need to change your life. That’s the state of the world right now: “after” will never be like “before”. A crucial consequence is that, Instead of merely “correcting” things, we, as human species must think about “reinventing” them.

Your next wise move: From Mad Land to No-Mad Land

It is no mystery that a Mad world and a NO Mad world are built on a set of completely different worldviews, feelings, basic values, social and political structures and key institutions. What we intend to do during the following months with our map is to help you make the choices and internal shifts needed to better live your life according to your deepest desires and aspirations. In short, our intention is to help you better align what you SHOULD do with what you WANT to do. For instance, as illustrated here under, the key is the “the way we look” at the world

  • instead of being locked in the Regression Forces – fear, Ego, lack of imagination and a desire for Certainty which usually lead us to the S.O.S. (same old solutions)
  • our intention is to help you activate in yourself the Opening forcesCourage, Eco-centric Consciousness, Imagination – which will drive you to shape the Future (These are the areas 3 in our Map)


Follow the numbers to read the map. There is a logical and systemic build up. As you can see, each area which exists in Mad land has its exact “contrasted correspondence” in NO-Mad land. By the ay, this is our prototype from 2019, before our Friend Alessandro had redesigned it

  1. It all starts with our way of looking at the world: the Mindsets and perceptions which drive our decisions and actions. Old Mindsets and perceptions in Mad Land are completely different from those in No-Mad land. They can drive to different outcomes.
  2. Area 2 are Feelings and Emotions
  3. Depending on our ways of seeing, thinking and feeling, we can find ourselves captured by the regression forces or able to connect with opening forces (zone 3)

Then, “moving up” the rest of the map in each territory, you discover the very different “manifestations” or “outcomes” of those 3 categories (although not in a linear way):

  1. the focus on Preservation or Innovation territories (Zone 4)
  2. an inward (income, Ego-centric) or an outward (Outcome, Ecosystem-centric) scope
  3. the type of strategic approach chosen: Strategy as war or Strategy as collaboration
  4. the emphasis on “Manufacture” – producing more – or on “Value-facture” – creating more value
  5. the dominance towards “more of the same” or “imagination”
  6. a global flavour of boredom, conformity and meaninglessness or of joy, courage and meaning

What you are presented with today is the rough version of our map. You will be introduced later to the detailed and contrasted “legends” in each area. We trust this will enable you to feel, see and understand how to better orient your desires and your efforts in your practices each day. It may lead you to a appropriate state of BEING to make 3 conscious and coherent internal shifts:

  • a shift in INTENTION: from the intention to preserve the Past to the desire to shape the Future
  • a shift in FEELINGS: from fear, confusion and desperation to hope, inspiration and desire
  • a shift in THINKING: from a linear, ego-centric thinking to a creative, cosmos-centric thinking

Follow us in the next week our our “migration”. Our hope is that we all enjoy our move from Mad to No-Mad Land.