Creating The Next Appeal: the Erotica of the Future

This is the next big shift.

This is the next big shift: from the Nostalgia of a Future forever gone to an "erotic" attraction towards a Future we want to create.

We can see our voracious civilisation crashing down.

So are the "old narratives", worldviews and myths which sustain it.

This is the collapse of MAD land (leading to Massive Assured Destruction).

We need a Future we can believe in

A meaning making Story that resonates with our deepest Aspirations and generates hope that a viable human Future is possible, in a NO MAD Land (based on Mutually Assisted Development).

A Narrative able to generate the next appeal: a desire for the Future we want to create.

So the Future we imagine can become the cause of our Present

Now is the time to dare to imagine it. To make alternative narrative of the Future visible, desirable and actionable.

Be careful about the Present you create because it must look like the Future you dream of.

Rather than building the Future on Fear, Despair or Violence, Shapership stands for building it on Hope, Imagination and Radical Wisdom.

It focuses on the need to boost Creative Thinking, Imagination and to create the Next Appeal.