Imagination is Reality seen early!

Now is time to re-imagine the Future

We love Albert Einstein! He who, in his great Wisdom, declared one day:

Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere!

No establishment of Education that I know of offers courses in Imagination! (*) Probably because the faculty of creating images that go beyond the accepted Reality and can change that Reality is potentially dangerous for the established order, Education programs and existing beliefs. (The Teacher knows all!)

As Gaston Bachelard says:

Imagination invents more than things and dramas, it invents new forms of Life, new forms of spirit; it opens eyes which offer new types of Vision. And Imagination will be able to see if it has "visions". And it will have visions if it is educated by dreams before being educated by experiences, and if these experiences then come as proof of its dreams.

Imagination is an "awakening" force.

Imagination is behind every major invention. What if the Wright Brothers hadn't imagined Man can fly? What if Martin Luther King hadn't had a Dream? What if Jules Verne hadn't written "Around the Moon" back in 1869? Imagination is indeed Reality seen early, and in some cases VERY early!

Now is the time to create new narratives of the Future to feed our unconscious as well as our conscious.

These narratives must be imaginative and truly informed in order to be based on lucid hopes and yet create Desire. We also need new heroes - we call them Shapers of the Future- who embody as of today this radically desirable Future , based on new of values. By showing that another world is possible, they can inspire people and open new paths towards viable Futures.

In a next article, we will develop the idea that "the Future we imagine is the CAUSE of the present"

(*) We do!