It is time to Shift from “Crazivity” to “Serious Creativity”

Serious Creativity is Brain Sailing, piloting our brain and strategizing our thinking.

Are you tired of the same old boring ways of Thinking?

Well, it's time to say goodbye to "Crazivity Lake" and conquer hectares of new territories in the "Serious Creativity Domain"!

The word that makes our hearts skip a beat is "possibilities"! We need more Creativity in our lives now more than ever before. Why? Because we need options to choose from! It's time to break free from the monotony of life and business as usual by inventing real alternatives, so we can finally escape the "more of the same" syndrome.

Whether you're trying to pick the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or making strategic decisions that could impact the lives of hundreds of people, you need to use your creative abilities. The more crucial the choice, the more you need to think outside old “boxes”. We need board rooms filled with fresh, creative ideas instead of dull, lifeless "bored-rooms" where realism usually means blindness.

Creativity is  about opening up new possibilities.

This means not just finding these new possibilities within our current paradigm, but rethinking the entire paradigm within which we innovate. It's time to break free from mental highways, conventional ideas, and outdated worldviews that make us blind to possibilities.

Progress isn't just about solving problems of the Past, it's about shaping the Future.

That's why we need to shift from Crazivity to Serious Creativity.

But hold on a minute, Creative Thinking is not just a brainstorming session where we produce random, off-the-wall ideas.

Serious Creativity is all about the Art of Reperception - deep changes in the way we see, think, and perceive reality as it is today and as it could be in the future.

These shifts in perception are the decisive leverage to accomplish the 4 movements needed to actively shape the future. First, to SEE and decode the world through new lenses. Second, to SENSE new innovation opportunities and emerging needs. Third, to SEIZE them creatively, develop a transformative Vision, and rethink the paradigm in which we innovate. Finally, to SHAPE reality in new ways and move from Vision to Action.

Unfortunately, Creative Thinking is often poorly understood and undervalued.

Many people don't understand the true value of Creativity. They confuse it with creation or artistic activity, and it's not taken seriously by many"serious people".

In fact, as our friend and master Edward de Bono said:

Schools kill two-thirds of creativity, and universities sterilize the rest.

Our Western education has formatted us to think linearly and use analytical tools that are only useful for solving linear problems, recognizing the known, putting it into old boxes, and repeating standard answers.

It is time to break free from these misconceptions.

First of all, Creativity is not Crazitivity

Creativity is about Value creation within well-identified constraints. It is about using these constraints as leverage to deliver original possibilities that are "on purpose". Not about suggesting whatever seems funny, crazy, or different, and usually not pertinent. It is certainly the opposite of using creative sessions to be free from constraints “for a while”. Confusing Creativity with "Crazitivity" leads to disastrous consequences. Creative sessions become places where everyone is free to suggest anything, but the outputs lack value, and when we become serious, driven by logical and analytical Thinking, we take a bazooka and kill everything.

Second, Creativity is much more than generating ideas

Its essence is about concepts, the movement between concepts and ideas, between Vision and Action. A Vision without Action is an awakened dream, but Action without Vision is a nightmare. A concrete idea is often the mere illustration of our limits to move to a more conceptual level.

Third, Creativity is much more than brainstorming, a “storm in the brain”.

Serious Creativity is about "Brain Sailing", piloting our brains and strategizing our Thinking.

Finally, Creativity is much more than “Thinking out of the box” we are stuck in.

Before we can start thinking outside the box, we have got to know what the darn thing is! We need to have the smarts to identify that sneaky box and show it who's boss. Once we've got that down, we need to actively challenge ourselves to break free from our usual Thinking patterns. We can't let our brains take the same old highways to the same old ideas. Otherwise, we are trapped into the GIGO effect - garbage in garbage out - and nobody wants that. So, let's not fall into the trap of creative sessions that are just a bunch of déjà vu ideas, rehashing old stuff in new packaging or rearranging the furniture in the same room. It's time to break free from those implicit boxes and come up with some truly innovative, game-changing ideas!

In Conclusion, it is time to Shift from “Crazivity” to “Serious Creativity”, the best way to accomplish the 4 movements needed to actively shape the Future.

Wise moves from MAD Land to NO MAD Land #Shapership

By embracing Serious Creativity, we can open up new possibilities and unlock our full potential to create the Future we want.

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