The power and freedom to escape the prisons of our Minds

Something to do everyday: build Creative Agency

Do you need to escape the “jails of your mind”?

At a crucial moment of the legendary film "Lawrence of Arabia," one of the troopers is lost in the desert and Lawrence, a British Officer, decides to turn back and go look for him. Sharif Ali, tells him: "You will not find this man, Lawrence! It is impossible. It is written!"

And Lawrence, hitting his forehead with the butt of his camel whip, answers: "Nothing is written Ali, except here!".

Why tell this story? Because our visions can be the "Jails of our Minds". What we consider possible or impossible is a story we tell ourselves. It is our “representation” of Reality. Sometimes, it makes us feel stuck into a rigid world, where “things are the way there are”, locked into fixed worldviews, conventional Wisdom and so called “truths”.

How do we move from a story of “Stuck” to a Story of “untuck”?

The power and freedom to change our Reality exists: it is creative Agency

Creative agency is what we do as we interpret our lives. It is the creation of meaning and the recreation of meaning, filled with purposeful creativity. This is something to practice consciously everyday:

  • look at the way you look at things
  • think about the way you think
  • change your lenses, adopt new perspectives, don’t get trapped into your own “ideas” about things

Creative Agency is at the core of Shapership, the Art of Shaping the Future. It relies on an attitude of Radical Authenticity, Creative Imagination and Unconventional Wisdom which lead to challenge and escape the prison of "representations", to see things with fresh eyes and to open new paths to the Future that first seemed impossible to others.

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