We are currently going through a colossal crisis of Imagination

An entire generation and in fact the entire world, have lost their capacity to dream.

As Jonathan Crary describes in "Capitalism 24/7", an entire generation and in fact the entire world, have lost their capacity to dream.

In an era where a word unpolluted by Bullshit comes as a surprise, we need to recognise that our inability to imagine a Future that is different from the Present is catastrophic! It leads to Fear, Despair, Cynicism, even to Violence and to the endless Repetition of the S.O.S - Same Old (short-term) Solutions which pretend to solve problems using the same old obsolete paradigm. The kind of attitude that leads the ostrich to bury its head in the sand!

Without Imagination, HOPE VANISHES.

We are stuck in the dominant worldview AND STORIES.

What is the way forward ?

We need alternative narratives of the Future that resonate with our deepest Aspirations and provide actionable guides to a viable Human Future.

Instead of trying to "solve" current problems within the same paradigm, we need to change how and what we think,  unlock Imagination and delivers the next generation of visionary ideas, wealth-creating concepts and Transformation strategies that pulls us away from the idea that progress is about solving the problems of the Past

The key rests in our capacity to change our mental maps, so we can change the way we shape the world.

So, if you aspire to open meaningful paths to the Future, adopt the Shapership Attitude: creative Imagination, Unconventional wisdom and radical thinking.

Shapership offers a set of Mindsets and practices to build your Future on Hope and Imagination, rather than on Fear or despair.

Because our wisest decisions are made from Choice, Desire and Hope rather than from Obligation, Fear and despair.

Because Thinking is resisting and escaping everything that maintains us in our"prisons" or in the cave of our representations: Denial, Ignorance,Dogmatism, Conformism, Fatalism and blind Rationalism.

Because putting Imagination at work is resisting the Repetition of the Past, Hopelessness, Fear and Cynicism.

It is opening the "possibility of new possibilities".

Shapership is for you if instead of focusing on repairing or "fixing" a dying MAD Land, you aspire to actively shape a viable and desirable NO MAD Future within your family, your communities, your organizations, your "territories" or your field of practice.

A radically different Meaning-making story of theFuture, based on genuinely different worldviews, in tune with your deepest Aspirations and Hopes.-