We never see “Reality” as it is, we see it through our own lenses

Let's remember the possibility to remove them.

We assume that "outside" circumstances shape the meaning of our life. But it is the exact opposite which happens. "Vision" creates Reality. Take a simple event as an example: in the middle of this on-going pandemic, the sudden change of your post service which now delivers to your door also on Sundays. Each of us can create a different "story" about this fact: for some, this is an intrusion and the proof that we are under surveillance all the time. For others, it might just be "normal" or even a good news. How come?

Because it is not about the things we look at. It is about the way we look at things

Events by themselves are neutral. And stories are the way we make sense of life. In other words, "Reality" is our own creation. It is a Meaning-making story of "what is", filtered by our own beliefs, interpretations, paradigms. But we need to face a fact: the stories we create "write" our lives. They are our mental maps. They shape the way we see ourselves, what we believe is "true" and "possible". More importantly, they shape the way we see our Future, thus the decisions and actions we take today.

If you want to open new possibilities for the Future with freer and enlarged perspectives, you may start with a series of simple gestures

This is pure freedom of choice.

  1. Consciously look at your glasses: see how you see things, "Map your Mental Maps" and the landscapes they allow you to see.
  2. Clean your glasses: remember that you are always free to change your view point, for instance to consider as untrue what was true yesterday
  3. Even better, remove your glasses and try new ones: grow your capacities to consciously try new Perspectives, escape Conventional Wisdom, think beyond the usual, deliberately instill the sense of Hope and Purpose in everything you do.

This is the core of Shapership, the Art of Shaping the Future.

As a practice, enjoy each opportunity to safely transform what and how you think, learn about YOUR glasses in the Presence of others, as well as deliberately change the stories that shape your life, so you can change the way you shape the world.