Who knows best what you should do? Your “soul compass”

Must our ways of (destroying) Life make place for other ways to see, think and act?

Are you among the purpose-driven people who know our ways of Life - and to destroy Life - must make place for other ways to see, think and act?

Do you also feel, in your heart, an aspiration to live a meaningful Life, in tunes with your aspirations and values?

This is the Shapership Attitude. It rises from your inner Consciousness and "Soul Compass" which "know"

  • that instead of keeping conforming to obsolete models and dominant worldviews, there is a need to challenge and resist the "way things are". We call it "the Big No: Creative Resistance"
  • that another and more beautiful "world" is possible, that "what is possible is richer than what is." This is "the Big Yes: the Transformative Vision" which opens new paths towards the Future
  • that a transformative Vision calls for transformative actions and that it will require courage to completely reinvent the way things operate, to shift from one paradigm to another. We call it the "Creative How: Anticipative Experimentation"