Wise moves from MAD Land to NO MAD Land (4)

Shift from "Critical Spirit Gorge" to the "Alternative Gold Mines"

Shift from "Critical Spirit Gorge"  to "Alternative Gold Mines"

This is one of the stories from our seriesentitled "Your Next Wise Move: from MAD-LAND (leading us to Massive Assured Destruction)to NO-MAD Land" (based on Mutually Assured Development. These articles answer the fundamental need to Reshape our mental maps to change the waywe shape the world. A practice at the core of “Shapership, the Art of shaping the Future”.

Our "mental" maps create the Landscape

We have created a Map which is a metaphor of 2 territories: MAD Land and NO-Mad Land, two different "Landscapes"  created and sustained by very different - and often unconscious - "Maps"(worldviews, paradigms, perceptions, stories, consciousness), leading to very different decisions and actions. When we are trapped in the "MAD" cave - or "Iron Cage" as some people name it -, the known territory is what seems "normal". NO MAD Land is "non visible" by those using MAD Land "lenses".

We propose new perspectives to shape the Future everyday.

Because it is not about the things we look at. It is about the way we look at things. Each caption of the map metaphorically illustrate a way of looking at the world - not something we "are"; not something "good or bad"– and offers the choice of a point of view to shape the Future everyday.Either starting from MAD or NO MAD Land.

Try this shift : from the "Critical Spirit Gorge to "Alternatives Gold Mines"

It is an essential Shift in Thinking to move from MAD Land to NO-MAD Land.

Your Gold Minds can discover gold mines!

There is nothing wrong with critical Spirit. Of course, we cannot to take action without caution.

But "critical spirit" in only one aspect of "intelligence". It is one wheel of what could be a "six-wheel" system. It is important but not enough.

To move forward, we need to design alternative paths to the Future.

As the great scientist and futurist, Buckminster Fuller once said: "You never change things by fighting the existing Reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete".

What if you could

1. Reshape your Mental Maps, and see the world with new lenses

2. Sense emerging needs and detect robust opportunities for value creation

3. Seize them creatively by putting imagination at work on the System issues we face, developing alternatives to build a NO-Mad world: a more just, inclusive and sustainable Future

4. Shape the Future in innovative ways

Instead of leaving you trapped by your assumptions and natural tendency to remain into the known, this conscious shift from "Critical Spirit Gorge" to "Alternative gold Mine" may enable you to open up new paths and shape the Future everyday.

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