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A parabole of the interior human transformation needed to move from MAD Land to NO MAD land (based on Mutually Assisted Development).

MAD Land and NO MAD Land are two different "Landscapes" created and sustained by very different - and often unconscious - "Maps" (worldviews, paradigms, perceptions, stories, consciousness).

The Map with its 346 legends  (173 cards) offers each participants the choice of new points of view to shape the Future everyday .

Each place can metaphorically illustrate a point of view - not something we "are"; not something "good or bad" - but a way to look at the world which might create an experience of being "stuck" or of being "unstuck".

The game has nor winners nor losers.

We are currently prototyping the game. Send us a word if you are interested in knowing more or have a prototyping session with us.

The Map and Game.

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